Handgrenades destroy every kind of barricade by just throwing it (not the explosion, the throw itself)

I just noticed in the practice range, that simple handgrenades are able to destroy all sorts of barricades (Mg-nest, Ampoulet, sandbags…) by just throwing it at them in the battle of stalingrad campaign. No explosion needed, the throw itself destroys the barricades, by just hitting them when you throw…

(i just tested, the explosive packs do the same)

Smoke grenades do the same. It’s been that way from the beginning

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Crazy, I never noticed that. Would be funny to know if you get the 5 XP for it though.

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After so much time of playing I only noticed it yesterday. I built some sandbags to mount my machine gunner but I accidentally pressed n instead of b so my soldier threw its explosive pack, that’s when I saw it fall apart just like that.

This is one of those things which I wonder if somehow I never noticed or they were sneakily added for no reason whatsoever…

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