Halloween day event

Guys, Guys, listem up. if we use until 31/10/2022 the mission creation tool, and a zomby mod. in a CO OP game. we can ge alot of fun, since it take some time to be in outucber, we got time to do a hauted house.

i would like to pay a tribute to some videos in internet that shows how OP guns are whit soldiers in a red glowing eyes, to show they are not T virus zombys, but possesed nazys soldiers. that will explay they can still use guns, whit give alot better training targuets, since they will use the same AI that the BOT,s in internet. allowing little to no work to build new AI.

also, the dificult will be displayed of how much the eyes glow red.

so remenber guys, that will be fun. maybe the friest places will get some gold? and they missions will be in the zomby CO OP mode? see you guys in halloween.


I completely support this idea :slight_smile: