Gunners in Stalingrad are time travelers

Very minor bug.


Your gun models are very detailed, and this MG42 has factory markings, I assume that you modeled them after a real example.

Many MG42s had the date of manufacture printed at the top, but our MG42 in game has the letters NC instead. This means that the weapon was manufactured in either 1944 -1945, so the second gunner squad from must be time travelers in order to have had this weapon in a battle that ended early 1943.


This post make me think of this cyber punk graphic bug:


" As stated here, the German DIN (like the ISO but far cooler) mandates that manhole covers on the street need to be of durability class D400 (for 40 metric tons) instead of D125 (for 12.5 tons). This oversight should be fixed immediately to ensure the playability of this game."

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literally unplayable, Iā€™m uninstalling enlisted as we speak.