[Guide] how to add planes, rotating objects, and add soldiers with animations to your map!

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The scripted rotating rendinst does not work online though

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that’s unfortunate

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And you can add weapons to animated soldiers
select them and press P after that
press +
type “human_weap”
after that edit this string


thank you very much!

this way is much better than having to place them manually like i kept doing up until this point.

didn’t worked very well either with the moving animations as the guns were out of the hands each time :confused:

next step for us, will be to understand how the customization clothing works.

( or at least, i think it’s possible given by the hint if you type " slot " in the char entity.

gotta find each piece individually i believe.

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Repeat this
Type “customizable_menu_animchar”
after that edit this string “template” (maybe)

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i was aware of the template thingy,

but i’m not sure the names and stuff.

i tried to spawn them, and insert there.

but they do not seems to work for me.

update, so, apparently i have two issues.

the first one being, i’m not sure what to put in the template ,

more precisely ( and for example ), i wanted to merge this piece of clothing:

problem is, which name it is?


attachable_wear_zeltbahn_03_ger_summer_item ?

( i tried them all… but… looks like no success )

second issue regarding:

every time i save and restart, the tag disappears.

is that the reason why it might not work?

well, maybe i should do one better and ask @127347718 if knows something more or can tell us anything more about it.

( thanks in advance and sorry for the " harsh " ping :frowning: but since you are probably the only dev that we know that is related to editor, we have no one else to ask to. )

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upcoming guide on this thread, a litte snippet:

but first i must test more with it :stuck_out_tongue:


They works.
Maybe start works after update, idk.

But custom doors doesn’t work :frowning:
They just doesn’t appear in multiplayer game.


Very nice. I can now make my Wipeout map then

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Doors copied with Instance button in Toolbox/RendInsts should work.


noticed this factor on my new ( mostly work in progress ) “”"“barn”"""

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Oh, and windows too :slight_smile:


by the way, sorry for asking you an unrelated questions ( still in topic thread though ) as i want to make the tools above in all their potential,

how can we customize appearance of customizable_benchmark_animchar ?
because i found out that you can apply ( sort of ) equipment pieces, but they overlap and do not save upon restart ( same goes for animations applied with animchar_animState numbers on the soldier )


i suspect it has to do with:

yet no matter what we put does not work ( ids, name )

second question is, as i’m about to show how decorations works, ( which can also apply game_rendinst_decors appliable as decorations ) is it possible to remove collisions from them? as soon the game starts, the reindinst “kicks” in with the collisions and starts making the vehicle roll ( as i wanted to make for example logistical halftrucks with opel blitz tents from the decorations ), and lastly, is it possible to also apply decals to vehicles in the editor like the decorations?

cheers and sorry for bothering with questions, but as i said, i wanted to make this thread richer and updated to it’s full tools capabilities :smiley:

( thanks for the fixes that has been applied regarding what we previously asked :slight_smile: )

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I know no more than you about those animchars. It depends on its mechanics. And those ‘item’ fields seems to be objects IDs which you cannot predict beforehand. So no reason to save them into scene. I suggest that extra objects should be created and their IDs written there. It’s not possible to do it without scripts or at least some triggers system.


Not now. Do you want to create illusionary objects?


that is very unfortunate.

those were cool for scenary and make the spawn areas feel a bit more alive and realistic.

( or for example, in my blood and rose i wanted them to put inside the prison, so players can visually see them saving prisoners and have something unique and different in enlisted )

but understandable.

yes, that was the idea.

so i can for example apply reindinst on top of vehicles without changing positions as most of the time either the reindinst get destroyed by hitboxes of the vehicle/aircraft, or the other way around.

plus, if i wanted to use them as decorations on vehicles ( such as a tent or for example, put an ammo box of enginners ) the editor will start flipping the vehicles as the collisions starts conflicting.

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Not sure here. Decorations will require additional objects with their IDs again, I’m afraid. You may try to do it dynamically, but not save to scene, as you cannot fully predict created objects IDs on scene restart or loaded in game.

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