Greek-Italian War Campaign

in this campaign will add the Greek and Italian armies and it will have all the battles in Albania like: Battle of Kleisoura, Battle of Elea-Kalama, Battle of Hill 731, Battle of Korytsa and more …

The Greek-Italian war has many facts and I think it would be fun as an idea
because usually the Greek army is rarely in ww2 games



But you wont get 40 levels.

list of aircraft, weapons and ships used by Greece

Why do you post naval equipment in game without naval warfare? Just inflation to make the Greek arsenal bigger than its actually is.


  • We found our starter rifle I guess.
  • Gras sounds not really competitive. Maybe a premium but not really something I want for free (Especially compared to a Mannlicher).
  • Feels like Mosin M1938… could work I guess
  • Same as Gras and copy+paste from Berlin
  • Copy paste
  • Bascially a Vz.24/ Mauser so “good” filler I guess

Dont matter.

Machine guns:

  • We cant use heavy machine guns except as mg nest
  • Very limited. Could “work”
  • Copy+paste and the Chauchat is crap. “Could” “work”
  • Wow. 10-15 units according to wiki? Lets put it into the campaign level lol

Submachine Guns:
Ehh… dont matter I guess.

Ehh… dont matter I guess.


  • As long as Ital Itals get a biplane as well it could work
  • As long as Ital Itals get a biplane as well it could work
  • Sounds pretty rare


  • I guess too heavy
  • Could work
  • Naval aircraft and used by the Greeks AFTER the liberation of Greece
  • Could work + copy paste

The only way a greek campaign could work is give to the greeks the commowealth arsenal and let axis use ww1 stuff

Like just including the whole Invasion of Greece, not just the Italian phase. Could work content.wise… but then, we would get Moscow 0.5 with Tunesian filler.

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Most of Greece’s weapons come from imports from France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other allied countries.

Greece did not have its own arms industry because the leader (Ioannis Metaxas) had to change the Greek economy.

one way a greek campaign could work is given to the greeks weapons from allied countries

You could also just have British stuff, the British smuggled a boat load of stuff to Greece, and the RAF flew missions over Greece.



If we mainly get Commonwealth stuff, we could also play the Commonwealth at this point.

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greece often placed orders for weapons from other countries
and simply put the Greek symbols on them





and about tanks…

Captured by Greeks, Italian Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40

January 6 1941. During the Greco-Italian War, the bloodiest and fiercest battle of the war begins with the Greek advance into the Këlcyrë gorge. Këlcyrë (Clisura in Greek), is the name of a town and gorge in southern Albania created by the river Vjosë, near the homonymous town. The three divisions of Greek B’ Army Corps (Lt. Gen. Georgios Bakos) enter the gorge and engage in a fierce encounter with the Italian 7th Infantry Division Wolves of Tuscany (7ª Divisione fanteria “Lupi di Toscana”) the 3rd Mountain Division Julia (3ª Divisione Alpina “Giulia”) and the 131st Armoured Division Centaur (131ª Divisione corazzata “Centauro”).

Random idea with nearly zero actual chances:

If, ever, by some divine intervention, progression was overhauled from campaign based to faction based,

Then a Cephalonia map could be the setting for some ITA vs GER matchmaking.

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