Graphics looking sharper on some GPUs

So here’s the setup of the problem. I play this game with some friends and my wife as a team. Her PC is in the same room as mine, meaning that i can make a direct comparison. We have the same make and model of monitors (i’ve even tried switching them around to see if the screen in the issue but no).
I have an Asus GTX970, she has an older Asus R9 270x. Even though my GPU is more powerful than hers and can run the game at higher settings, on her PC the graphics look sharper, crisper, the colors look better, the bump mapping looks better. This happens even when i drop down my settings to match the ones on her PC.
The weird thing is that when i took a screenshot on her PC to post it here compared to mine, the resulting screenshot looked the same as the one i took on mine, so all of the above dissappeared from the capture.

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Fidelity FX vs DLSS maybe ?

Not sure about that, the r9 270x is older than the gtx970 and both came out waaaaay before fidelity fx and dlss was a thing. What i know for sure is that, side by side, it looks like her pc is running the maxxed out game, not mine. I will return with some photos, LOL, screenshots don’t work to see the difference.

Asus R9 270x

Asus GTX970

Probably a difference in the monitors.

same brand and model, i’ve even swapped mine with hers and the same result, also i have a twin monitor setup, she has only one, so all 3 monitors were tested

maybe you have a bad configuration in the graphics card control panel, maybe it’s a driver issue