Graphical Bug (Shiny Surfaces)

Hi, I have been having this problem for a while now, and it has turned me off from playing the game even though I thoroughly enjoy it. When moving around inside buildings, no matter the campaign, the graphics will start to create this shiny metallic sheen on objects and furniture, as shown in the video provided. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, changing graphics settings, repairing the game files, and to no avail. Please help.


I also have this problem, I noticed it after returning to the game in early December. Before that, I was playing from April to September and I didn’t have this problem and didn’t have any texture problems. I installed the latest drivers for my graphics card (Geforce GTX 1660) but that didn’t fix the problem.

Me and you both, I don’t really know what can be causing it.

idk why this hasn’t been fixed yet. ffs

Anyone got a fix for this am having the same issue.

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