Gore Improvements

The gore system has alot of potential in this game, however there are a few things holding it back. Firstly and most importantly, the head should be dismemberable/ damaged. The head will be completely clean after a sniper shot to the face in the games current state. Secondly, limbs should have more points of dismemberment e.g. Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder and Ankle, Knee, Thigh. The game could also benefit from different variations of gore suffered from explosions, right now characters will just lose arms and legs but being blown in half or peppered with shrapnel will make the game far more immersive. And finally, this is more of a bug than a missing feature but sometimes the blood is silver idk why this happens.

Thanks for reading


I don’t think improving gore is really a priority.

However it’s behaved odd at times; at one point I put a single shot from a chauchat into someone’s chest at close range, and all of their limbs fell off.


it was gross but i saw the head and arms of a soldier on the road after i had hit the area with a HE shell