Gold orders rng hypothesis

Ladies and Gents, I need your help formulating a hypothesis about gold order drops;

  • is there a correlation with premium time and gold order drops from daily boxes.

If you’d be so kind, just post here how many you got FROM DAILY BOXES and if you have premium subscription or not.

As example

  • 1 gold vehicle order
  • Yes I have premium time.

Much obliged to those participating.

So far: There seem to be no correlation between premium time and gold order drops. Only @53841888 seems to have uncanny luck, and should consider investing in lottery. I’ll keep gathering info.


So far I got 2 gold orders in total, 1 weapon and 1 soldier.

Premium account, ALMOST uninterrupted login streak, so I got just a little less than the highest possible number of drops.


no premium
out of 5 drops
2 gold vehicles
1-2 300% booster
1-2 gold troop order

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3 Gold total

2 Gold weapon both in a row

1 gold vehicle

Login streak somewere near 180

With Premium

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7 from battlepass
1 from a event (?) I dont remember
2 from personal achievments
7 from daily login
Total 17
With premium and battlepass
[you are unlucky ♧ admit it]

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active premium account 226 days 3 gold orders Two of vehicles and one of weapon And an experience bonus

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Continuously logged in every day:

1x Gold Weapon (at the 1st big box, since then only silver & Booster)

Premium: YES

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2 gold vehicles
No premium
85 days

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273 days in
1 gold troop
1 gold vehicle
1 gold weapon
not very stonks
most without premium, now that i have it i get silvers and boosters for past 100 days

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I will just share it here again

I have premium for almost all the time since I’ve started to play this game.

Got reset in my logging days in last December

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(Have you ever used even a single one? Have been premium all the time?)

Wen i winned the login one i have the premium, no one used

Why are you collecting gold orders??? There’s no weapons/vehicles that interests you? :no_mouth:


Give them to me.

The price is
300 gold for veichle gold order
150 gold for weapon gold order
100 gold for soldier gold order

The day i can sell them you are the first i call :rofl:

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I’ll buy them all. It’s seriously a good deal :thinking:

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Im not darkflow 26€ (2600 gold) are a fair price for 17 gold order

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250 - 270 or so login days. Play everyday, premium for 400 days

3 gold orders (1 of each) so far.

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