Gold order for weaponry Earned for 8 completed days

Gold order for weaponry Earned for 8 completed days.

i completed 8 days but in Game need complet 10 day for Gold order for weaponry WHY ?


So, their answer was to go and change the description to “10 completed days”.

Nice bait and switch, guys.

I checked that no earlier than yesterday (May 12th) and sure as hell there used to be written “for 8 completed days”.

A whole week into the event is a tad late to be a “oops, typo”.


@1942786 They changed it lol

Can not hold their word even for once


They made an error and fixed it. It is 10 days.

Isn’t this cheating? I’m sure the producers won’t make such a low-level mistake.


Except people in this time might have spent gold to buy some tasks while skipping others, knowing that they would only need 8.


ok true. agreed.

Another shady move, its not that difficult the Only Need to make a post saying we did a mistake.

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We are sorry, here is a post about it on reddit.

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I like how this became known only at the day 8 exactly. How convenient.


With all respect, just saying “sorry we messed up” to your paying customers isn’t going to go down well, especially when the solution is the simplest thing: just leave the reward at 8 days.

It doesn’t cost your company anything, as people already spent money to skip some of those challeges, and these people sure as hell won’t spend for another 2 days just because you “made a mistake.”

Just a sidenote, you are telling me NOBODY from your dev team noticed this mistake sooner? Seems a bit weird, don’t you think? :wink:

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To me it seems that someone messed up with the coding aspect of the event rather than writing aspect of it. Because I remember even Keofox telling someone that you can only do 8 days of it. And now they are just basically telling us
“Yeah we did it deal with it”

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Did Keofox not also said, that they are a small company with a little playerbase and therefore they cant afford any fuckery.
Yeah, I guess they changed their minds.


Yeah, well is it so hard to rewrite 1 line of code to say <give_gold_order if “8” days> instead of <give_gold_order if “10” days> ???

I agree. That’s a no-go.

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Well i do not code. I just told you the way it looks to me.

This is a no credibility company . Let him go. Just don’t pay later


I think that’s a bit harsh BUT you gotta stick to your words if you don’t want to alienate your customerbase - right to hostile levels how Gaijin actually managed to get by not standing to their word multiple times over. Unfortunately I might add as everyone who likes a game would also love to feel respect for the company behind it in order to not feel a fool for investing money.

So after the failed 3000 Gold sale and no further replies regarding the topic if they even still care about fixing that now this wordless change of requirements. Each incident may appear insignificant on its own but such things add up…

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