Gold Order for Soldier

So Battle of Stalingrad Logistics offers a Assaulter II for a Gold order. Why would I use a gold order when I can get an Assaulter III for only 1 silver order?? Plz explain snail. Offer better soldiers across all campaigns for Gold Orders.


Since introduction of the new level system for the soldiers gold troop order is useless to me. We should get officers with some special perks for those now not regular soldiers.


I 100% agree

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soldiers with silver order get rng stats. soldiers with gold orders get max stats and are fully trained. so silver t3 soldiers can be worse than t2 or t1 cause of rng.

is it worth it? not really, but at least you dont need to deal with rng to build good squad…

Max perks, max Stats plus and hold yourself on the seat this is going to shock you:
You get a little medal on the left side of his name!




14 hearts. Yep, maxed stats, no rng sure thing m8.

Have you tried assaulter III class with base perk they come with? Plus with them it’s almost a guarantee (like 99.9%) you’re getting 16 hearts and that juicy vitality perk.

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my gold order soldiers have some rng in distribution, but it is usually 16/16/16+extra class stats. cant comment on your case cause maybe i am exception, or you are…

Yes. I support this.

I think that gold order soldiers, tanks, and the like should be more exceptional. For example, you pointed out a good observation for exceptional perks, (which no one else would have, and that would be logical enough considering it to be just for one such soldier). Or either, have exclusive skins that are inaccessible to anyone else, or otherwise something “special” to pay off using a that gold order.


I’m just saying that coming with max stats is false statement. You were lucky I wasn’t that’s it, as you said. And I know more people not only me getting ‘handicapped’ gold soldiers when it comes to stats. Especially with hearts/not able to get vitality. This is why they’re useless especially with the new system.

Gold order soldiers should come with max stats or make it so you can pay some bronze to upgrade to max.

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