Global or local war map included in game

This is the only of “WW2 games” type arcadas and tactical shooters mixed with elements of strategy and squads on the battlefield.
It was this originality and uniqueness that attracted me to play every day for about a a year and a half already. So what is my point and goal here.
The vast majority of players came here from “Heroes & Generals” including myself, In conversation with many players from the community, I learned that a large number would like to see
Global or local war map included in game. This would give the game not only the experience of playing simply casual random matches, where is not only in terms place on the table and the number of kills per map or simple victory in match .
The game would get one critical moment where it would be involved in the war between the factions will be much more passionately involved in all this.


Damn, a World war style tactics map like in Heroes&Generals would indeed be cool.


Vast majority came here from WT and never played HnG.


I think you are roaring on your own name… I’ve never played “WT” like many people I know from here… and that’s not the point. This game is a tactical shooter like “H&G” and what I’m saying simply have a lot more sense. There is no need of “trolling” my post if you disagree with.

Interesting take.
I’ve never played H&G.
Would be interesting to learn what “previous” game is the most common among Enlisted players but I’d say it’s WT, BF and HLL (with many probably still playing both).

Both those games are arcade shooters more or less, but as Gaijin were advertising this game amongst WT players, many old players heard of Enlisted from WT news, or WT twitch drops, or whatever WT-related.

I played them all War Thunder, Heroes&Generals, Hell let Loose and Battlefield XD but I gotta say, what made me interested in Enlisted was Warthunders Tank mechanics mixed with H&G Infantry

There’s loads of HnG refugees here too


H & G - World map is amazing, it what makes battles not be “Random pointless battle”

If you have a world map, you know that the outcome of each battle matters, a struggle against something more important, so you get a feeling that what you do actually matters.

So I totally agree, a world map where battle’s outcome mattered, would be really nice.

Also it would show in which theatres the sides need balancing, when one side is just winning way too quickly and way too often