Give non-premium user additional vehicle slot

They get 3 vehicles slots in total as explained above:

Two, premium users can use two vehicle squads in a row, but after they are done with the second vehicle, they must play two infantry squads before using any vehicle, no matter how many vehicle squads the player has.
(tank-plane-two infantry - tank -plane)
(tank-infantry-plane-infantry-tank) is possible as well

That’s a bonus at all - it is a limitation on what they can do now!!

I ( a premium player) can already spawn 2 tans in a row then 1 other squad before going back to the 2 tanks. IIRC in some campaigns you can field 3 tanks and constantly spawn them.

So you would actually PUNISH premioum players… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What a nong!

How is that a punishment?
They will be able to take for example a bomber, fighter and a tank into a match. Or any combination you can think of and spawn 2 vehicles in a row.

you can use up to 6 vehicle squads and play one after another as long the tank slot its free to use ingame.

i do it alot on most if not all campaigns once i finish the grind in them.

no thx.

i rather have an option for Free to play users to grind for an extra slot that acts as current extra slots… if ! IF , the pay costumer gets one also. i think it would be fair for both costumers.


They can already do that, and more - I edited my post to reflect what hte case is already.


Guess that is fair too, as long as vehicles active on map are limited so there is no vehicle spam.

I read all of your replies, and I withdraw my additional suggestions.

Let’s keep it as it is.
However, I want the non-premium users to have a way of getting a extra vehicle slot for flexibility.
If giving a slot to everyone is too much, let everyone be able to grind for more slots, just like Shiivex said.


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