Give non-premium user additional vehicle slot

Currently, non-premium users have 3 infantry and 1 vehicle slots. As a non-premium user, 3 infantry slots are fine. However, having one vehicle slot forces non-premium users choose between tank and plane squads. That makes the game harder for F2P players. Giving one more slot for vehicles will encourage F2P players to try out both types of vehicles and contribute more to the game.
What do you think about this?


Gaijin says N O buy premium or D I E


They should allow only 1 vehicle per player and per game.

Infantry to ?

no, if you think so you probably have skill issue

I think we’d see ppl with only tanks as lineup, since 2 free +1 premium, there’d be tank spam everywhere… so, no :stuck_out_tongue:

I would if I was a f2p player.

At any rate, it’s what I m doing right now lol. Up to 6 tank squads on my lineups lol.


It’s true it would give the like of us more targets… :thinking:
Still I’m not sure it would be a good idea to have more tank spam than now, as it would also mean less boots in cap zones.

if the other team spams 4 vehicles at a time and don’t defend I don’t complain

Tank spam… It will always be 2 tanks per side at any rate.

And for sure. Would give more targets and imo would be way more fun to play as a tanker.

Already is. But having steel targets its always another level of fun


Speaking of! I know you don’t like Moscow much, but have you tried the “new” pz4 and t28?

Recently started playing with them, I like I get a bit less “lolpen” in those.

If I recall correctly I didn’t had a single match since the update.

After the event I took 1 week or so off the game to relax my self lol. Did just login and nothing more…

Already have normandy and berlin full again both sides. But I m srsly avoiding Tunisia and Moscow at all costs… I m sure I won’t play them anytime soon or at all…

But, it’s good to know that. X)

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The new PZ4FW1 is really good kill all soviet tank the new t28E is FOOD like the previus one even the pz2 can damage him

I found the main weaks spot of the big new t28 (literally center mass, driver spot) now resist shells, even pz4 shells! But I simply aim to the side of it and still explode it easily.

I haven’t USED the new t28 yet though so I wonder if the new shells work well?

they work well if you have a good aim you can instant kill all german tank, but the t28 is a giant easy prey as always, as you say attacking him in the side is an instantkill personally i avoid to use him bt7 and t50 works better

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Not always. I ex have an plane instead of Tank rn. Must pick one of them being non prem but sure those can be effective tank hunters asw depending on which plane you choose ^^ 50kg works sometimes but its trickier to land and you can hit them from the top with the 20mm if going for the Fighter class which is my favorite. But Stuka will always have a softspot to in my heart ^^ So with this said if one team is more premium then the other they will get more tanks out quicker in theory, but i dont see this much inconsistency out on the field except for one team being more advanced and trained then the other

If the non-premium players will have “more fun” I guess they might pay more in the end.

Equals more fun for me as a premium player. More targets.

My idea is making non-premium users and premium users(who didn’t buy additional slots yet) use the same number of vehicle squads. I don’t want ‘4 tanks per side’ thing. I am fine with the ‘2 tanks’ limit. Here is my additional suggestion:

One, non-premium users must play two infantry squads after playing a vehicle squad. They can’t use two vehicle in a row. (tank- two infantry-plane-two infantry…)

Two, premium users can use two vehicle squads in a row, but after they are done with the second vehicle, they must play two infantry squads before using any vehicle, no matter how many vehicle squads the player has.
(tank-plane-two infantry - tank -plane)
(tank-infantry-plane-infantry-tank) is possible as well

Premium users get more freedom in using more vehicles than non-premium players, so they would have less complaint about giving a vehicle slot to non-premium users.

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Seems resonable. This gives player flexibility without affecting balance in any way.

How would you then compensate people who paid for premium?

remember if you aren’t paying for the game then you are the product (cannon fodder) for the people who ARE paying for it…