Get a Boost in FPS for Enlisted

Soldiers, we’ve added an advanced AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm to the game that allows you to boost in FPS for Enlisted on your device without replacing your hardware.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates in selected titles and deliver a high-quality, high-resolution gaming experience, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.

A state-of-the-art spatial upscaling algorithm delivers near-native resolution quality gaming experiences with super high-quality edges and detail. Adjustable image quality settings allow you to customize the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution balance between quality and performance.

Now even in the more heated moments of battle you will be able to enjoy the views of Le Bre, the Kamenka River and other favorite locations.


will we have another devblog today?

That’s really nice feature. Game still looks good for me and I got +5-10fps.

Not a devblog, but an important poll.

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Is it supposed to work with Nvidia GPUs as well, or is it an AMD thing only?

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As a PC DIYer, I want to say. FSR is a “simple” upscaling way. Easy to implement, has a wide compatibility to GPU. But provide less graphic quality than DLSS. (But what the point for DLSS if the lowest GPU with DLSS, the RTX3050 can already run this game very smooth without enable DLSS)
FSR official support: AMD RX 460/RX5000 and better/newer, AMD Ryzen APU, Nvidia GT/GTX10 series and newer.
Though Intel UHD (UHD620/630/Iris/Xe and higher), Nvidia Maxwell2.0 (GTX950/GTX965M and higher), AMD GCN4.0(RX460D) is also compatible.

IMO, to get a higher FPS for low end GPU, try to use TSR to 80~90% (to improve some FPS without significant trails), and FSR at ultra~high (for not too blury). FSR is already turned down your resolution, so no need to adjust resolution scale.

I am testing this game’s graphic settings with my GTX1080 (limited TDP/clock to simulate lower GPUs), but there’s something weird happens… Im not sure… I will test on GTX745 later.

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Good question… for me this system never worked (be it black desert or Enlisted). It only turns everything into bunch of very visible and blinking squares.
Sure, performance goes up but… this feels like it actually hurts my eyes to watch.

Most reports I heard of FSR can runs on Maxwell2.0, but some says it can even runs on Fermi (GTX500s) and GCN (HD7000/R7/R9 xxx). Also seems works on all GPU with FP16.

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Just dont turn it down below ultra.
Also FSR dont work well below 1080p. (Same for DLSS)


1440p, 1650 Super

Seems like any setting below ultra FSR looks like garbage. Ultra does raise my FPS on the firing range from 100 to 110.

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i have a basic as entry level gaming pc it only has a radeon rx550 gpu, and holy shit this helped alot, i used to play on low graphics on a lower resolution 1280x720 or whatever now i can play at the native 1920?.1080? blah blah on ultra graphics and i get 60+ fps and the frames only drop to the 50s thank you soo much for adding this to my all time favourite ghame !

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it likely wont help too much for me, but nice!
(my pc isa low-mid end laptop a couple/few yrs old and has integrated graphics and old (around 2017 iirc) drivers, but eh it works)

My game crashed while I select this stuff.
Now I’m not able to play enlisted now.
Plz fix this

If you can’t launch the game anymore to switch the option off, and don’t fee like messing with config files, reinstalling could fix it. Just look for your controls setup file before, and keep a copy of it.

so does this work on computers that dont use AMD hardware?

Apparently yes, it works on my Nvidia powered laptop.

There appear to be a few glitches, like tracers leaving noticeably wider trails, and “ghost image trail” issues when looking through transparent surfaces, such as scopes and planes canopy/windscreen.

Aside from that, it does indeed seem to provide a boost (roughly +10 FPS in my case, according to bottom left values), yet I can’t actually feel the increase, but I suspect that’s probably because of my monitor limits.

Go to your Enlisted directory (Mine is in Appdata/Local/Enlisted but it may be different for you since I know they changed where it installs a few times)
Open Enlisted.config with a text editor (Even the basic notepad should be fine)
In video{, change fsr:t= to fsr:t="no"
Reinstalling should be a last resort, not your go-to fix.

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Hey, can you guys look into whether Temporal Super Resolution is implemented correctly?
There is insane ghosting (not to be confused with blurring) when running at 60fps.
It’s extremely bad. For example, you can see multiple ghosts slightly behind a plane when it goes past. It’s that bad.
It’s very cool feature in terms of preserving detail, but the ghosting is killing the feature for me.

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i tried setting it to performance, and it made the game crash. i cant log in without it crashing now

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