German Normandy teams bring me physical pain

Why do German Normandy teams seem to suck so much compared to US ones? I played the US for 22 levels and sure, we obviously lost games but it’s like most German teams get into the game and immediately go “alright time to throw”. NOBODY builds rally points except for me, I always have like twice the kills as the next guy on my team, half my team doesn’t even PTFO so I’m fighting like 3 squads on the point all by myself and it just isn’t enough. I got bad US teams as well, but at least they tried and I could carry them if I was being a tryhard. Another thing is that I feel like half my team leaves at the start of the match sometimes, I’ll die defending a point all by myself and think “where tf is my team” and then see on the map we have MAYBE more than a dozen guys actually spawned in. Sure I occasionally run into a good team and everyone pulls their weight and we win easily but I’m 3 times more likely to run into a team that seemingly throws the game. The US grind wasn’t nearly as bad as this.


It isn’t just german teams. It’s just 90% of the playerbase being shit.


German mains are the biggest smoothest brains out there
It’s physically painful knowing how many matches I’ve lost just because I and my friends couldn’t carry these fucking anchors to victory.
So I know your pain, brother


The majority of the playerbase is special.

I play with every faction, I see people that make me question if their eyeballs are connected to their brain all the time.


I get sad when I get a few kills then I’m suddenly at top of the board… making me wonder what everyone else was doing the whole time I was setting up rally point and defenses.

As a US main it works the same. The playerbase [and bots that fill out your team] are just not very good apart from the top 1-2-3 people. If Omaha as US hasn’t been capped by 600 tickets, you need to leave cause it ain’t gettin capped unless you do it solo.

I love this game mechanically but it pains me to play when i’m the only person pushing. To me, when a point that is closest to our main spawn is capped by the enemy, I zoom right there. As I see the enemy having 2-3 points capped therefore indicating a mass ticket bleed - I do what I can to fix it ASAP.

Not only do we have visual and vocal cues, and a tagging system - I just don’t get how others can’t play to win. It’s not even hard.

Get a rally up. Tank support, bomb with a plane. I’ve taken to playing less because the quality of games are just poor. Constant stomps, they’re rarely close matches with both teams having good rallys.

I try to play casually and not care, but as a hardcore support player I just can’t tune out losing. It baffles me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve noticed recently games tanking around the last quarter. We will have a major advantage then player activity dives off a cliff. This is because after 10 squad deaths the players are out (usually the most aggressive), if you’re stuck with the shit players (and bots!) then it’s GG. Good try. Hope you’re not in a plane or tank XD

PS - We need longer queue times to iron out bots filling player slots. This turns me off, someone with 100+ hours in battle and a big supporter of the game. Imagine what casuals think when they’re tired of picking up the slack.


Are you on console? If so I don’t know what to tell you, in matches where I think I’m off my game I end up being too spot. It’s getting ridiculous, I’m beginning to think U.S. Just gets better spawns.

Community intelligence ratings:

The shitter that keeps reporting this < Normandy Germany < Normandy US < Moscow Germany < Moscow Russia < Chimpanzees

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I’m pretty sure it’s just bots most of the times, as you said they never build rally points, they barely capture the points, they never use the chat, they barely mark enemies, playing dday as the americans with a team like that is a torture, some may be very noob players and the abysmal game tutorial doesen’t really help

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Bots score higher than half of these vegetables if you check who’s who


I beg your pardon, I could have been one of those super dumb Germans today. :slight_smile: In my case I’m still learning the Moscow levels as Soviets and just out of curiosity checked Normandy as Germans. Well, to start with, I had 3 squad members in one group as I need to level up, engineer not unlocked etc. By the time I learned where I should shoot most often I lost at least one member of my supersmall group. :upside_down_face:

I attacked the tanks just like in Moscow with the explosives, but they tend to shoot back instead of blow up. Better armor or less precise throwing, no idea. I tried to mark some non-tank vehicles and only the triangle showed up, and while trying to turn those marks into vehicle marker I got some bullet implants.
With the sniper I went up to the top of the church (spire in English maybe?), and in the window while pointing down I almost fell out through the narrow window?! Then noticed they are taking it down below, targeted down and tried to figure out whether there is a position for the sniper where he could see most of the inner parts of the building from one level above. I found the spot. Got stabbed 0.5 seconds later.
In the last open objective to defend in the swamp, the enemy surrounded the place, crept under the objective, entered with a tank into the middle, so all in all took the place as much as could, while our artillery properly torn our units to pieces.
By the time I understood what’s going on, it was another 3 squads of mine gone, and a well-earned last minute Defeat.

Maybe others have similar issues, but as I was the one before the last, not so many. So it will be another week or two until I become a useful German squad leader, Sir!

Honestly speaking why building a rally point is so difficult for so many players. It just takes half a minute and brings you victory.


I don’t think Moscow Germany is as bad, it’s Normandy that draws the dumbest of the bunch.

It doesnt help that the map is stacked against them. MGs are generally not in useful places until after the point has already fallen. The Germans are funneled into the canyon because they need to hold the point, meanwhile the allies can just run up the hills and shoot down. half the MGs are just outright useless, because they’ll never see an enemy, or theres for reasons unknown, a ton of bushes and trees in front of them, firing arcs on MGs are terrible.

Like the whole thing is supposed to be defensible, but i don’t think i’ve ever seen the team hold the first point for any amount of meaningful time. The last point is really the only one i’ve seen held for awhile, but the rest are such steamrolls that you cant just eat 600 troops. I don’t actually think I’ve even seen the Germans win.


Ive definitely seen the allies lose on d-day… and it’s the most painful map to have a bad ally team

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See, there’s one of the Germans I was talking about.
A fortified chokepoint with free MGs and they still fuck it up.

I see Soviets in Moscow struggle with conquest sometimes with some cases where people stack Germans in the Eastern Front but I do see some dedicated Soviet mains that win matches too.

For one, its not a team thing, its a general population thing

Secondly its pretty stacked against the Germans if 1 or 2 allied players have half a brain cell.

The MG defensive positions are more useful to the allies than the Germans for attacking.

half the MGs are unusable. or only usable after the point has fallen. you can literally walk around 100% of them by going up a hill.


No gunner stationed at the beach would leave trees, and shrubbery, in front of his firing positions, this is the most unrealistic, ahistorical thing about the dday map currently.

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