Gastanofrizzi (aka France man) was right! We should stop using SMGs! The Fedorov and AVT are better!

why in suggestions?

Smgs are useless right? Use assault rifles or whatever!

How you can be so much skill issued? On 6 people who skill issued your skill issue on asking more smg spam, you choice to pick a figth with me… mah!

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okay now do whole website about it


I still recall when him ranted about the ppsh41 was uncontrollable asking for less recoil

You can make a website with all the … this guy posted in the past year

You are French too?

English please

granted, he struggles a bit with the correct words, but it ain’t really that difficult to get the message if you would have at least tried a little bit harder.


" out of all 6 people or more that called onto your skill issues with a message skill issue, you go after me ( gastano ) "

The soviet SMGs are the Only ones that require you to control the recoil, the sensitivity i play on makes it extremely hard to not pull the gun into the ground.

When i lower the sensitivity it became impossible to aim snipers because of the delays in the controls.

Darkflow needs to slow down the look around speed when firing to fix this.

So weirdo console issue.

He never called me out on skill issue (that im aware of) but he told me to quit using SMGs so i showed him how easy it is to use a fully automatic rifle while the soviet SMGs are hard to use.

What he doesn’t realize is its a sensitivity issue because Darkflow needs to slow down the look around speed when firing to be able to control recoil on the sensitivity i play on.

Interestingly the german SMGs dont require you to control the recoil so it was never an issue until i started using Soviet SMGs.

Now if i lower the sensitivity to be able to control the gun i run into issues with having to turn quickly and using snipers with having the delays in the controls

Console gameplay :face_vomiting:

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well, dunno as i don’t play with consoles.

so i guess there are differences.

though, you kinda started it with the other cringy “suggestion” of being able to reuse with no cooldowns premium squads.

if that wasn’t clear, that’s just plain dumb and dangerous. which i hope you rethink and realize.

beside, i’ll let the rest between you two :slight_smile:

Well how about the option to allow it in custom games?

i’d say only mods.

but it’s very situation as it creates unbalanced and/or unfun situations.

cooldowns are in place because allows someone else to use for example vehicles and avoid the same person taking spots and spamming the same stuff over and over.

for how much it is fun for him, it is not so much for ally and enemies.

You may not know this but… YE CANT HAVE MODS ON CONSOLE

i know it very well.

but doesn’t change things as there are more cons than proes.

hence, would be better on mods.

( i’m sure, or hope will eventually fix them and establish them better on console as well )