Gas masks

There could be gas masks, gas grenades and such gas devices added to the battle for Moscow for the other battles I don’t know as well as just playing for Moscow.


you want concentration camp simulator?


Gaz wasn’t used almost at all during ww2 so I have no idea where you want to use all this.


I will never get this association of gasmasks with the Nazis/ Wehrmacht soldiers as neither the Allies, the Soviets or the Reich made use of chemical weapons in Europe apart from napalm/ phosphor bombs etc.
Iirc. gas etc. was actually used in Asia, mostly by Japan in the Sino-Japanese War.


And the funniest thing is that (as far as I know) UK had the biggest stockpile of gaz shells during ww2.


there is no association of gas masks with Nazis… but there was big association with gas…


Yea at the early stages of the war, because of the Senfgas attack of the German Empire in WW1. But yet, didn’t happen and I don’t want to see some future robo wehrmacht cop, hip firing his MG34.

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early stages of war? didnt know auschwitz was only closed later in war :rofl:

That is another thing dude. I am talking 100% about warfare not genocide.

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that is usually gas reference that people get with Nazis… but yeah i know that gas was only used in ww1 and italians used it pre ww2 in ethiopia. only ones who truly used gas in ww2 were japanese.

good for WWI theatre, still we got alot of fun do in 1939 - 1945.