Game gets stuck in loading screen when loading into or out of battle

Ever since the Armored Train update, loading into battle causes the game to get stuck on the “tips” screen. I can hear the battle going on but cannot see it or join it.

Similar issue happens to loading back into the menu. I can actually click buttons and stuff but the stupid cloud screen gets stuck over it.
2022_01_14_18_08_03__19120.clog (766.9 KB)
2022_01_14_18_07_30_16392.txt (33.9 KB)
The logs I could find (can’t find out how to get e DxDiag yet)


We have no official acknowledgement of the problem yet, but when it happens you can force-close and then restart the game, so you will be able to properly rejoin the same match.

Yeah, but it getting extremely annoying.

This is almost at definition of game-breaking, since not everyone have as much patience to force-close client 10 times a day.

(Funnily enough, 10 times a day is not even an overstatement, since in my 1 hour daily session I usually have to do this around 3 times)