Gaijin please explains this or just fixes this

In the battle of Stalingrad,it says that riflemen can use Mkb 42,but they couldn’t.Mkb42 just fit troopers
and constructers.Beacause of this fault,i waste 27 silver cards.Now fixes it,or give my cards back!

I think they mentioned this change multiple times in the news, i dont think they would give the silver orders back

Oh no! go read stalingrad devblog


It’s a text artefact they forgot to correct.

mkb was INTENDEND at first for riflemen too… But the community, myself included, thought it would be grossly exaggerated, that it should at least get restricted to assaulters. Thankfully they listened, and now the mkb42h is in a good place.

They forgot to correct the text… I even mentioned this to them myself weeks ago, but they didn’t bother to correct :confused:


Spent silver on the MKB is never a waste. Use it for two engineer squads + every engineer in other squads. If you have leftovers, equip (yes not funny) some assaulters with it.