G43 Hit registration... again

So i was revisiting Axis berlin again and notice that i don’t see any hitmarkers when using the G43. no this is not me having skill issue with my aim, infact the kar98k works fine with me i actually hit the target as if i was Simo Hayha. Anyways the target seems to be taking a hit because i saw them flinch it just the g43 it rarely registrate any hit

It been an issue at the very first and i doubt it would get fixed when the major updates. I just want you guys to know that it still exist the next time you’re using the g43


The G43 has felt off for awhile with hit registration and in my opinion the dispersion for it is pretty crazy if you fire off rounds in quick succession when 3 feet from someone majority of the rounds will miss. Pretty much only use the Kar 98 now until I get farther in the campaign.

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This seems to also be happening with me and the Tokarev SVT-40. Same thing, they’ll flinch but no hit seems to register.

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For Allied Semi auto in general. They seems to be working fine with me, tho i have to agree with you at some point that sometimes the shot won’t register. The Garand was the most common to have this issue for me

Dont spam aim first

Sometimes picking up a gun from the ground causes no damage, may be the issue

I wasn’t picking up any gun from ground, its literally the gun i have for my squad