Friendly ammo crates should not be destructible by your own team

This has been a longtime issue and I thought it worth bringing up again since the VE challenge to use a flamethrower is made harder by it.

A pervious update made it no longer possible to destroy friendly rally points and this was great. Unfortunately it was not also applied to ammo crates so you often see people either intentionally or accidentally destroying ammo crates because the button to get ammo is a single press but a double press orders your ai to destroy it. This is incredibly frustrating if you are using particular weapons that are very ammo hungry and you built your own crates to keep them running.

an example of this issue i ran into earlier today was a “friendly” who likely didnt understand getting ammo only needed a single button press and was constantly destroying my ammo boxes by double pressing on them every single time he switched mags.

If only ammo crates were not able to be destroyed by “friendlies” i wouldnt have to rebuild them 8+ times for one single obj zone.


I thought all friendly players destroying our team’s ammo boxes are doing that intentionally.
On PC, buttons for getting ammo(f) and destroying ammo boxes(j) are different.
Do you mean that on console, the button for two functions are the same? If so, I can understand why some players destroy ammo boxes that their team built.
btw I agree with your suggestion.


The problem with PC and probably on console is when you press ‘X’ on PC and command your AI to go at some point but there’s an ammo box where you placed the ‘X’ command (even if you place it right next to it) they will destroy it. Many of them are not even aware of this.


I have accidentally destroyed my ammo boxes that I just built because of what you mentioned. It is frustrating…
Allowing only empty ammo boxes to be destroyed is my suggestion.

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i should’ve figured PC would have separate buttons for that although it seem as mentioned earlier there are other issues with it. Controllers do assign both grabbing ammo and destroying the ammo to the same button though which is what is infinitely frustrating.

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Ammo crates it’s nothing. A much bigger problem is when some fool, without understanding the game, breaks down your tactically built barriers and fortifications that are placed at strategically important defensive points, just to escape to the field and be destroyed by an enemy snipers in the same second.

Just a total waste of resources with such bran-dead teammates.

I definitely support the idea that friendlies in no way could destroy your buildings.

On the other hand there are people that fortify rally point around with barbed wire when attacking (same for defence which is also pointless) and instead of making it more “protected” from destroying they just slow down their own team, hurting friendly soldiers as well. If I see barbed wire around friendly rally point I just break it down.


Probably the engineering training mode is not enough.

Anyway, it’s really hard to figure something out and teach people how to use engineering. It’s just sad when you see after the battle that only two of the 18 people tried to build something at all.


i recently rebuilt my 3 infantry squads in normandy to all be 8 rifleman and an engineer for this reason. every one of my 3 spawns i can do i have an engineer for rallies and other fortifications which has been instrumental in advancing the team or helping them hold points.

its actually useful tho to just spawn a 9 person squad and send the 8 rifleman off to rush the obj while you take your engineer off to build a rally somewhere helpful.

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I saw some people, real players, doing it intentionally in order to place them own ammo boxes instead to gain points. It buffles me how stupid some people can me. Just place another one next as an ammo box can be emptied or just place another one on another strategic point.
I totally agree with you.


I sometimes put sandbags in front of a rally point(very specific scenario) because i had an experience once when artillery barrage hit very close to a rally point but it destroyed the sandbag but rally point survived.
Otherwise sandbag is a big sign for an enemy player saying “Hey dude rally point is there”

I thought if you build another one it replaces your previous spawn. Darn it.

i was talking about the fact that your squads work on a cycle of 3 spawns so with normandy having 3 infantry squads i can cycle between them and have built them identically so its like im using the same squad all the time for the sake of rushing obj with as many soldiers possible

Lol. Now i got it. I have engineer in all my squads anyway. Because why no.

bigger problem is when noob engineer without knowing the game blocks friendly points of entry in the zone with obstacles. so structures need to be destroyable.

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If they were destroying them and rebuilding them, it could be that they had used up all their Engi points. Destroying one of your own boxes gives you the ponts back to build another. I did this with sandbags when I had just a few Engi points left, to complete the challenge.

So I always destroy bariers in such areas that hinder my bots or me. Because often such barriers are placed so randomly in the area that they are really useless. For example, access routes are often blocked by sandbags or barbed wire that serve to reinforce the cap. That is the first thing I remove. Or rally points that are encircled by sandbags, so that some bots get stuck there because they can’t get over them. If they are built, then please do so in such a way that they do not hinder or are of any other use. If such crap is built I will remove it as far as possible or blow it up and I understand everyone who does exactly the same. However, this does not apply to the removal of really useful defence facilities.

And destroying your own faction’s ammunition depots just to put your own there is just bullshit. :100:Without words.

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That doesn’t justify the act, imo.

It does, if it was their own boxes they were destroying. If it was someone else’s box then yeah, no justification for doing that at all.

I was intentionally talking about other players destroying mine. That was the point of my post.

Yeah, I think I misread it. Oops.