FPS drops frequently in game even in lobby (Game version

FPS drops frequently, the feeling like gaming graphic freezing 0.5s every 10 seconds, that is bad for FPS game experience
I got latest nvidia driver installed, see attachment
performance log files and dxdiag.txt file

Any other info your guys need, please let me know.


just 30fps for 1060,crazy

Maybe your CPU and GPU are Aly Express edition

I’ve been also experiencing this kind of symptoms. I then noticed that my CPU uptime was almost 30 days which was caused by the fast boot of Windows 10. When it’s active the shutdown does not actually turn of the CPU.
After doing a restart (or shutdown while holding shift) the problems disappeared since it does a real power down of the hardware which was also visible from the uptime.

My guess is that the game clutters the system with something that is stored in hibernation file and cleaned only after real reboot.

My PC can run Red Dead Redemption 2 smoothly, so i don’t think this is my hardware issue. :sunglasses:

Dude, you are right!
After reboot my PC, this problem just resolved, FPS in gaming is stable. so i guess next time i must holding shift while press shutdown, or turn off fast boot in Win10 system options directly.
But anyway, i hope developer can fix this BUG, because this problem did’t exist in previous version.

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