Forgotten Hope as an example. - Dont worry too much about balance whining

Here is an interesting example:

Forgotten Hope (Video Game) - TV Tropes

This game was AMAZING and hugely popular around 2006-2010.

It was a mod for Battlefield, however the basic actual Battlefield was nothing without that. That mod had huge amount of maps and battles and different factions.

It was probably the first time ever when people could play with rare factions all the second world war battles?

At least there is progression system in this game and therefore I dont like to see too many young people complaining about balance constantly… Real war is not balanced and it never was. Of course, there is a limit to everything, however I have yet to see any ACTUAL issues with Enlisted about balance?

There is a tank? Take it out with a plane, bomb, mine or AT-Rifle and be done with it. Everything does not need to be balanced as long as there are options and there are many many many options in this game already. One side gets a better tank, the other side has better plane and so on, work with what you get.

Also every faction and every player can improve their standing with better troops, weapons, tactics, and SKILL constantly.

Having bad time? Level up or purchase some special squads or work around the problem with squad management and other weaponry that you got on the menu. Normally gets fixed with more time playing anyway?

Main focus should be on increasing the amount of maps and battles, that keeps the game fresh and adding an Asian campaign or even two?

  • Political issues should not matter AT ALL when making WWII game, or any war game in that regard?

Some side always has something to whine about and typically it is just political BS. For their own population.

Who cares if China or some other country complains and whines?

Who cares even if they BAN access to this games web pages? People in China use VPN anyway, everyone does and it is not even punishable. It cant be, it is pretty much mandatory in order to access online anyway.

…Or some minority whines somewhere over some SS Tanks skin? I mean REALLY? SS was a huge part of German military and there is no way going around that.

  • There were times not too long ago when people would LAUGH at those kinds of censorship ideas?

And laughable they were… What happened to it?

For example, someone posted here an amazing suggestion comment long time ago about China V.S Japan conflict and especially the battle of Shanghai.

Here it is:

Suggetion for East-Asian War: The Shanghai Campaign - English speaking section / Suggestions - Enlisted

Despite what Chinese or Japanese governments and states would say (Most likely too minor issue for them to care) It would bring an EXPLOSION of new players from China and Japan to the servers, therefore more visibility and more money into the coffins.

Actually, even if this game would provoke an official response from ANY government, it would be on international news and the servers would MELT.

Right now I have a feeling that this game is focusing too much on small details, features and cherry picking around things when it should/ could do what Forgotten Hope did.

It broke ALL the barriers and went there were other games did not tend to go because they were too tied with the original set-up that was already then overplayed to death.

This game can never grow big if it starts to listen to every small complaint “Buhuu, nazi flag…” or “This is not like our school books in B.S country say although the rest of the world agrees…” or “This flower bench on the street corner of Berlin railway station northern side is not arranged in right order…”

Trying to please everyone eventually makes everything suck and gets all the progress STUCK for good.

  • That is something that I would think this world has seen enough over the past decade or so.

Besides, people play video games in order to get away from the real world and how miserable it has become. Forget the minority and if some newspaper or politician picks this game up? Oh boy, buckle up kids the servers will be PACKED to the fullest soon…


I wish that the game devs could just say fuck China and make a Sino-Japanese campaign too, but unfortunately they won’t do that because even with VPNs and whatnot, there will be a noticeable loss in revenue from the either the Taiwanese or mainland market if the devs slightly tick off either of them.

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For me it is kind of hard to understand why CCP would get even mad about it?

It would be Chinese vs. Japanese campaign, which is considered patriotic in China and they have made a huge bunch of movies about the subject lately anyway? Movies where Chinese who are fighting against the Japan are heroes.

War movies and stuff?

For example this one was really good, it was about the Chinese holding a warehouse in Shanghai:

That movie was SO GOOD. I strongly recommend.

Easy to balance for the sake of those who really need it and I doubt that there would be any political recourse taken anyway.

Maybe if developers will just watch that movie this weekend?

Here is another:

Chinese are defending Baoshan:

Two really good movies and both only few years old, check them out fellow Enlisted members.

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I m yet to have a single item on my hands or against me that I consider “OP”.

Nothing, so far, is broken or p2w in my eyes, and, nothing can’t be destroyed if the user behind the screen uses a single braincell in this game.
But that’s just me.

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Two things, both of those were made by Chinese directors and the Chinese government really doesn’t like foreigners telling “their stories” or mucking around in “their history”, especially if one is put in the boots of a Chinese solider. Furthermore, The Eight Hundred caught a shit ton of flack for “glorifying the KMT”. Now imagine a foreign studio making a product where you can play as the KMT and are encouraged to preform such heroic acts yourself, and you can imagine how the Chinese government might act. Needless to say, it wouldn’t go over very well.

you want to understand CCP? ffs they disappeared a famous streamer/influencer cause of this picture



So easy ? Thanks mate