Flying with the mouse doesn't work

For some reason i can’t control the plane with my mouse anymore. From one day to the other it doesn’t work anymore. With the mouse i can still look around with soldiers, turn the tank turret and even look around inside the plane with C+mouse, but mouse flying just stopped working. Controls are still at the same settings. Tryed to invert the axis, hope it would work. But no reaction. Ive disconnect the mouse while in the plane and reconnect it, but still nothing happens. Flying with just a keyboard is impossible, so basically i cant fly anymore. Anyone else had this problem before? It really stinks and i have no idea how to solve it.

Extra info: PC reboot, settings reset, other USB port, file check/repair all didnt work.

Do you have, by any chance, a gamepad connected?

Nope. Only keyboard and mouse. Nothing changed between today and yesterday. Its really weird.

So you cant even move the plane. It is like the airplane doesnt detect any movement?
Did you try it out in other campaigns, other airplanes?

I did, and also the aircraft tutorial. I can move the plane with the keyboard, but thats not doable in this game. Also free look (C+mouse) does work. Its only the mouse flight controls that dont work.

Maybe i pissed off an Enlisted employee by bombing them and they disabled my flight :rofl: