Flashing green ! in logistic even if I clicked and opened everything everywhere in there

Flashing green ! in logistic, even if I clicked and opened everything everywhere in there.
Very annoying if I haven’t missed it, it could be a very annoying bug, I hope it gets fixed. Not a big fan of flashing ! .


here a pic https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765688291554230302/979291212584472586/unknown.png

In my game looks basically every button like this, but I stopped caring XD

I agree, it is annoying.
Nothing new but the green thing stays there.
Until recently anyway, because nowadays sometimes it disappears…
Only to reappear while again nothing new is there…

You have to go on logistics and open every available item at least once. Then green turns off

It is irritating but if they are not going fix issues like this then there is no chance of getting this done.

Actually, I think they listened, great job devs!!! :slight_smile: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765688291554230302/979461154801852456/unknown.png

Never mind it’s back again :frowning: they fixed it for 1 morning, hilarious.

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Yes just like I said.
It used to be there all the time but now sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not…
Even though there is no new stuff anywhere.

I dont have that flash anymore. I clicked on every single thing that I could find in the logistic a long time ago and it never appeared again.

I ll try that, let’s see