Fixing the Settings of Custom Matches

Fighters, you’ve helped us identify the error that allowed creating user sessions with a number of participants exceeding the official limit.

The official limit of 50 players in Lone Fighters and 20 in Squads is set for a reason: so that even in the most intense fight, when a huge amount of shots, explosions and other actions occur at the same time, your battle remains smooth, stable and comfortable.

It is important for us that every game session in Enlisted is comfortable. That’s why at this point we have decided to go back to well-tested settings of the modes.

New Research

Nevertheless, the introduction of the mission editor in Enlisted has opened new opportunities for the creators and the players, and we wouldn’t want to limit your creative potential by hard limits.

We’ll perform additional tests and decide how much we can deviate from the current standards in terms of raising the number of the players in mod missions. Keep an eye out for the news!


it was fun anyway, even with the lag.

idk why you would do such thing but ok


In fact 100 people match make much fun than 50. And i even can get experience from it. Hope developer could release official 75 of 100 people match.


I know that day will come eventually.

It’s a pity that my map has not been released yet.

I hope the number of players in the squad mode can reach 15v15 in the future

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80 player lone and 40 player squad is a good middle point.
i wouldn’t wait too long though. Also, i am not sure what the problem with modded lobby is? people can just leave and lose absolutley nothing while people who enjoy larger battles even with a little lag get canned. i have not too much incentive to play atm so don’t wait too long to lift the restrictions, otherwise i would take a big break from the game for some months until things get more exciting again.

EDIT: So i just tested one of my bigger maps and it’s just boring. no point creating bigger battles if there are not enough bots or players. so i guess that’s it for now.

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