Fixed the rate of fire of semi-automatic guns back to the original version of the game

Nowadays, the rate of fire of semi-automatic rifles is ridiculously slow. Without the rate of fire, semi-automatic rifles are just as short as BB guns and have no damage. They completely lose the advantage of high rate of fire at close range. Even in certain maps, the benefits of bolt-action rifles surpass semi-automatic rifles. Although this setting has been implemented for a long time, I still hope that one day the real semi-automatic can be returned to the player

From players who have loved this game from the very beginning


i have no issue with the ROF with the m1garand, it should have a slow rof even if you “could” shoot it very fast but the m1 carbine should really get the de nerf, but the SVT and g41/43 they are fine as is

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spoken like a true germutt m1 should be slow but fg42 should be be able to spam fire

im a American main thou