Fix reload animations of certain weapons

So essentially some weapons have odd reload animations sometimes depending on ammo count or nothing at all, British rifles mainly.
So all the Lee Enfield rifles have odd reload animations.
If the rifle rifle has 10 rounds and you have 4 rounds or less in the rifle he shoves 2 clips in, even though the weapon has 4 bullets left.
Same with the 6 round Enfield rifle, at 1 round left and he decides to stick in 5 bullets at a time instead of sticking in a clip, he only uses a clip after all 6 are used.
The G41 also has this issue that after 1 bullet is used no matter what he will put 2 clips in the gun even though 10 bullets won’t fit.

Them being odd ain’t really an issue but from a gameplay perspective it’s sometimes more of an disadvantage.


oh they will fit with enough will power

Sten fires from open bolt instead of correct closed bolt
Sniper Gewehr 43 does not cock the handle on an empty reload
Revolvers reload single bullets even with top break and swing out cylinders where using a speed loader would be possible
M1 Garand’s empty reload is same as tac reload, and the gun doesn’t eject the clip on the last shot when emptied.

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nope, sten does fire from an open bolt since well the gun was designed with the bolt showing to the fresh air

sorry i meant other way around

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None of the G43s even touch the charging handle during empty or otherwise reloads

Pretty much every single weapon in the game has an incorrect reload. And quite frankly, I don’t think they’d ever get fixed.

Pretty sure the Johnson rifle has the same problem as the g41.