Fix a fuel gauge on the plane

The problem is that people who don’t know how to throw bomb or just don’t care what’s happening in ground can hold plane whole game. To avoid this, we can decrease more a fuel limit. normandy is a perfect example


There is a fuel gauge. It is realistic. It only shows in the top left corner when you are hit, leaking, low on fuel, and on limited fuel.


there is fuel gauge in game just that resupplying recovers the over hours worth of fuel that the aircrafts carry

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I think if somebody can manage to survive throughout the entire game they shouldn’t be forced to be kicked out of their vehicle just because there are not playing the way you want them to isn’t really grounds for booting them.

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can hold plane whole game < dont explain me game menu plz.

Does not sound like a viable solution to me.
If it’s a premium player, he can just have several planes and keep the slot.
Furthermore, you take the risk that a decent pilot loses the plane and gets replaced by someone that barely manages to release the bombs from the plane.

I’ would change the whole plane system, frankly. How about having two slots, but they have to start on a nearby airfield. So instead of waiting 1.5 minutes, they can taxi to the runway instead.
After that initial phase, planes start on the runway instead of at the ramp.
I would even let them go back to base for resupply. That would turn a lot of newbies off since it is work and demands some basic skills. If you fail to bring back the plane, you get just like 50% off the exp from your last attack run.

Good idea. Anyway, I’m not talking about bombs. I’m talking about people who don’t care team would win or lose everyone knows why people holding the plane in whole game:) its not a problem, but they can ruin the game remember tank is balancing plane and vice versa. plus 1 from 10 post is aboiut grey zone and tanks : )

I do agree that grey zone tanks are a pain in the butt. And people that don’t take much effort for the victory can be unpleasant too. But I’m afraid that topic is a bit more complicated.
It often seems to me like many people make bad decisions because they just don’t know better.
My stance there would be : A: More communication, on the ground, things like rallies help a lot. It helps to guide players that don’t really know where to go.
With planes, I still think my approach would help, since it would make flying more demanding.
Furthermore, they could implement a “test”. Before you can use a plane, you have to fulfil a challenge for the particular model. Like in an attacker, you have to hit x targets on the range with limited ammo supply. Just to make sure the player has at least a bit of competence in that model.
That could also be done in little PVE matches.
I don’t think anyone is just in the plane without at least trying to get some score. And tanks are a lucrative target.

I agree that it’s more complicated than that might seem as noted above, just because the guy isn’t bombing stuff consistently doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t busy trying to do so, a lot of times you can get an a lot of air to air action and that can dramatically impact how much time you have to actually bomb, I like to take time and try to get altitude when I’m bombing to maintain energy and this can shorten the bombing cycle but it also increases your chance of survival.

Most games I play the people that have the highest scores usually have a negative kill death ratio not always but I would say most of the time, and it’s interesting because it’s not usually something that’s acknowledged as not necessarily being good for the team, if we lose a match because we’ve lost too many tickets it could be because people weren’t thinking too much about what they were doing and dying to much, players that take the time to try and survive and get high kill death ratios Or actually helping the team out more than they might seem because they’re making up for those guys that are on the point that are dying more than their killing

Understandable, I do the same. Energy level is important since you never know when the next enemy plane spawns. I also agree with the dogfight problematic. Sometimes I find my self constantly fighting planes in my IL-2. Often even against 2 planes, while no one in our time sports a fighter. AAA seems to be used very seldom.

That thing with poor K/D ratio can often be because of the current battlefield situation. Like Arty/Mortars or constant bombings at the front line. And of course the classic, tanks sieging from the grey zone. That often happens in the quarry and some other maps.