First Game was Great - Every Game Since has been just tanks spawn camping

Just some honest feedback from someone who’s uninstalling and never coming back after a dozen games or so.

I got interested in this game after seeing some YouTube coverage on the game. I’ve been looking for something new and different, and the level of customization seemed to offer a really unique depth to this game.

The first couple of games seemed to pair me with people who had similar gear and skill to a new player. Following that, I played 3 or 4 games in a row where the whole experience was just being spawn camped and killed by planes an tanks immediately after spawning in without much recourse other than hoping for the best.

If this is how the new player experience is going to go for this game, it will be sustained by the whales and whales alone, while anyone with a budding interest gets stomped out immediately.

It’s a fundamental design and balance flaw in the map design. There should be more than 1 spawn point for Attackers. Just offering some feedback from someone who was really excited to try the game, but any love I could have had for it was blown out of me in only a couple of hours.

I won’t be the last person, but most F2P games are designed just to get a handful of super spenders addicted to spending money, so I doubt the devs will care to fix it, because it encourages new players to join in, lose a bunch, then spend money unlocking more gear and guns hoping they’ll be able to participate, in the hollowest sense of the word.

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You played Normandy didn’t you? Eheh that’s why.

There’s a solution against spawn campers. Ju-188 :))

Don’t Feed the Campers, most of the time I get killed by a tank is because I was not paying attention, there not hard to avoid, planes can be heard coming, apart from the SBD, Silent but Deadly, the thing is though that the Capture point is a freekign meat grinder and you can die there from all kinds things, situational awareness can keep you alive, or help to, this is in part why some players avoid the capture points at times