Finally got the MG42

I finally have it and I feel less sane as a result.

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Lucky you. I don’t even have MG34.

MG43? The gun in the fantasy world?

Sory, I misspeled XD
That’s my typical problem. If something is “too easy so I can’t do it wrong” I do it wrong because I don’t pay attention.

The MG43, only one made, more powerful than you can comprehend.

It’s a beast. Set up and got 50 kills before I died. You NEED the big ammo pouches obviously. Wondering how saucy a full star one is.

'muricans screaming germany OP in 3, 2, 1…

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Do you have any sources? I can’t find it and it ssounds nteresting.

There were indeed MG45 and STG45(M). The latter one has already appeared in the folder and I guess would be introduced as the gold order weapon in Berlin.

This makes some sense but it doesn’t seem to be more powerful than MG42

This doesn’t make sence. I don’t understand how MG43 could be connected with Stg45(m).

No it not. MG42 is the best MG in the WW2.

That’s why

this sounds so interesting.

does it go brr?

It’s pathetic 900 rpm. How can it go brr?
[insert sad Hans picture]

I was kidding lmao

It goes BRRR the most you could hope for :\

needs more brr then

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It’s a buff rather than a nerf. With 1200 rpm you would run out of ammo in seconds.

I don’t care, I need my brr

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I yoloswagged and bought an MG42 with the firerate buff. It sounds identical to the lower star ones but shoots a tiny bit faster. Was hoping it was more satisfying uwu.

TF is wrong with the rear sight.

What’s that