Finally completed the slowest and most grindy squads in Tunisia campaign

What a terrible journey to max out these two squads, boring, tedious and exhausting at times, especially today when I was determined to finish last levels. Some may ask me why did I force myself to do this if it was so bad experience, well… I am sort of completionist and decided long time ago that I will max out all squads in all campaigns.

These Fighter II squads in Tunisia campaign are one of the most grindy things in Enlisted even with premium time. There’s also one more such squad in Berlin campaign, another Fighter II, but only for Axis, as Allies 2nd fighter for this squad got the bombs and will be easier to grind.

Darkflow should stop this nonsense and never ever add another fighter airplane without bombs/rockets or just let us choose our armament (with proper squad upgrades).

I wonder how many players were patient enough and skilled (hunting enemy soldiers with just MG/Cannons was :face_vomiting:) to max out these two squads by just playing them, of course without spending Enlisted Gold to skip leveling. I guess not many as for over 600 battles in total for both sides I have seen the same airplanes as mine at best 15, maybe up to 20 times, nobody really wants to use fighters without bombs/rockets.


I’m impressed, and you got my respect. I’m not certain I ever completed a single fighter squad, and only completed 2 or 3 bomber ones… (It’s true I’m terrible at flying)

Yesterday I finished Axis side Fighter II squad, I think it was last 5 levels, had boosters active for few battles and it went faster with them. Today for Allies was last 4+ levels without any booster, it was a lot of XP to make, lvl 22 was about 30800 xp, lvl 21 was over 30000 xp, lvl 20 a bit under 30000 xp, lvl 19 was over 29000 xp and about 7000 xp left from level 18.

Edit: of course all xp with squad was doubled by blue squad upgrades, so in fact had to make over 60000 xp today with just fighter.

I did it with the allies in Tunisia but that’s it.
Otherwise I would get crazy.

Well done,

A real fighter is here for hunting planes, bombes is a just a bonus.

Nice! Well done.

Do it in custom matches lone fighters . Way more easier and fast.

I purchased the berlin fighter levels (109 without bombs). I wasn’t even in the mood to deal with that type of plane action.

I love flying fighter, and especially love the fighters with just guns. They are amazing for the job they are intended to do, shoot enemies down. The grind will suck the life out of you. They are already such a niche fighter type to use that using without enemy planes up is a waste of time, and a waste of a squad to your team.

So yesterday I tried lone fighters mode for the first time since it was moved to just custom battles to try leveling fighter there by your suggestion. To keep it short, in just 5 or 6 battles I went from lvl 4 to almost lvl 10 flying Bf 109 K-4 (Berlin campaign), this place is a target rich environment, almost all the time there was some enemy aircraft flying or two at once. I think that I’ve shot down over 30 enemy aircrafts in these few battles, quite fun.

The best moments were when hit registration kicks in (works) and after hitting enemy plane with 30mm cannon it just disintegrates, so satisfying. Unfortunately very often I only see sparks/explosions from multiple (sometimes over 20) hits and nothing happens, enemy plane is still flying quite normal, it’s rather server issue.

It’s the perfect place to hunt planes and tanks.

And overall chill with no regards for match outcome.

Keep it up. It’s way easier to level plane squads there than in Normal squad mode.

Consider that there’s always someone dying in Lf so planes and tanks are always an option to someone choose from faster.

So yeah, I did it again, this time with one extra squad in Axis Berlin (from lvl 4), mainly flying in Lone Fighters mode so it took me much less time to complete, still very grindy.

BTW, Spitfire Mk Vc/trop is using some shitty ammo belt, despite having 4x20mm cannons it really sucks at shooting down enemy aircrafts. Many times I had to rearm 1 or even 2 times and hit the same enemy fighter plane with at least half of 480 rounds it has.

On the other hand Bf 109 F-4/trop is doing much better job with its single 20mm cannon (gunpods are not working currently) and 2x7.92mm MGs, I often needed just to use about 80-100 cannon rounds per enemy fighter / small attacker plane to bring it down.

I like the 202, the two mg 151’s are nice, but planes can absorb a ton of hits sometimes, I suspect this has something to do with some sort of cheesy balancing and probably some lag or connection issues.

The one 109 with the centre mg 151 is fairly effective as well, I think the thing with that of course is that you’re not having to deal with convergence.

I’ve got my fighters in rotation and I will use them if there’s plenty of enemy aircraft around but if you get in the air you could wind up spending a lot of time just flying around or strafing so it really depends on the match

I think part of the problem we’ve got is that war Thunder has some planes that really should have an option for bombs on them that don’t, for instance the CR 42 has no bomb option in war thunder as far as I can tell, and during the fighting in the desert they were often used for close air support work not in their intended fighter role.

It’s one of the planes I would very much like to see them add as a collector for Tunisia.

It would also be nice to see you 202 that did not have the 20 mm cannons but have the more normal gun configuration of two 7.7’s and two 12.7’s but give it the option to carry the two 50 kg bombs That It did use occasionally.

Personally I like the fact that the 109 is clean, because I would imagine if it did have the gun pods working that the plane would not handle as nicely and it’s plenty lethal it as it is against enemy aircraft.

Pretty much any 109 could be fitted with a bomb rack, and the same is true for the hurricanes that we have in game even the Spitfire for Tunisia.

I don’t know how much this has to do with war Thunder but I suspect that they’re basically just bringing them over off the shelf and we’re kind of stuck with how war thunder models them