FG42 - the most nerfed gun in this update

Is it?

They say weaponry now all use Stalingrad’s specs. Keo might have given the correct values…

… but they might be bugged.

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Dude is not keofox wo write this

FG42 the ring part of the sight jerks but the stick part doesn’t move so just ignore the ring part and it’s like the same.

Also MG recoil is still the same as well as SMG recoil.

Though mounting mechanics got worse it seems. On the practice range when mounting it lowers so you end up shooting wood.

Also tank view is really awesome, the turret stays still but the MG on top still moves.

Edit: FG42 is the new M2 Carbine. M2 is fixed as others said.


If it’s really like this and not a bug (values said by keo not being implemented yet)

Then it’s a great update overall.

I still fear the values are different in practice mode than in actual matches thought. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Really eager to test after work…

Yeah, they fucked up bipods yet again.

Were they ever fine?

Well, they were better but never good.


Did M2 always have 30/90 ammo?

Thinking about increased dispersion…

The Sten has 0.91+ dispersion iirc. An increase of 10-15%/ around 0.09 would mean the current dispersion of Sten is 1.00+.



Did they increase the dispersion?

Yes. Keofox stated that they nerf dispersion. I guess they screwed the changelogs.

Dispersion… but not recoil?

There must be a mistake here…

It’s bound to be recoil. How could you ever picture “DISPERSION impulse shifted to the right.”?

Either the values are NOT implemented correctly, or the weapons behave differently in practice range, which happened often.

How is recoil in actual matches?

I wouldn’t go that far
The ring is thin and generally unobstructive unlike yank sights

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There are so many to choose form this update it easier to say what isn’t bugged.

Well. According to some people, SMGs still feel like the same recoil-wise so I guess they either went with dispersion and screwed the change logs or accidently nerfed dispersion instead of recoil.

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I’ve seen some noob whining on the forum about the fact “top tier machine gunner class” is ruined. So there might be more recoil after all.


I haven’t tried yet (I’m at work) but it seems we finally have some sort of inertia and more realistic movements… Which means taking time to set up lmgs with bipods might be a worthwhile endeavor now.

Damn work… This day is too long!!!

The visual recoil is silly and less realistic if anything.
IMO they should tone it back and find a better solution.
Here’s how controllable an FG 42 is in real life:

FG42II is still controllable, the only trash is FG42

just tested it and it is definitely much worse gun in semi auto (not that i was the fan of it in the first place). visual recoil is… something, but most importantly i cant hit shit in semi auto even though i am aiming at enemy. it feels like they nerfed dispersion and made it rng simulator.