Feedback for last update

We have released another big update description of which you can find here.

Play a bit and submit us your feedback on current game experience:

What you like

What you don’t like

What is not too easy to understand

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What is the song presented at the beginning?

What I like:

  • New campaign
  • More invasion maps (le bre invasion is much better than conquest)
  • M8/Pz3N infantry support tanks (big but for these in the dislike section, though)
  • Semi auto’s got balanced pretty well
  • UI improvements are nice
  • Some of these lesser known guns are pretty cool
  • Very fast fix on the M2 damage bug!

What I don’t like:

  • progression, mainly perks and weapon upgrades, are still terrible and are unaddressed
  • 2-star bolt action rifles (MAS/ enfield) are worse than the lower ranked bolt action rifles
  • Germany again does not receive any shotguns
  • both sides are missing some very iconic weapons, such as the thompson and panzershreck
  • The M3, M8 and puma are both outclassed compared to the more heavily armored Pz3N and the M4/Pz4. The latter both having the same size barrel as the Pz3N/M8 also invalidates the addition of these infantry support tanks, as it results in them simply having less power against tanks, instead of having a tradeoff between tank killing power and infantry killing power. I would have preferred 105mm+ SPGs for the infantry support tradeoff.
  • Bots still seem to snap shot at range too much.

What I do not understand:
Germany gets a bunch of Italian weapons, but as far as I can see, no Italian soldier uniforms.
It would have been cool if the premium squad was italian, perhaps, but I hope the premium squad features and mechanics get reworked before this addition.

Will edit this as I gain more experience with this new campaign



What I like

  • New premiums seem balanced, even when comparing to the starter weapons
  • Overall balance seems pretty good, even though there are some later things I find… questionable
  • Sounds are good for the most part

What I don’t like

  • Enemies are hard to see, especially when looking from outdoors to indoors
  • M5A1’s MG sounds are not good, especially when firing both MGs at the same time
  • Bots still get in the way and act stupidly sometimes
  • RNG with getting weapons and soldiers
  • Some voicelines and the timing of the AI shouting stuff is bad
  • Not sure if this is still a problem, but at least in the Moscow test bots could not vault trough windows

What is not too easy to understand

  • Some of the choices with weapons are interesting, like Bren instead of BAR

Additional stuff

  • Bots could have a ability to mark enemies too to aid the real player with spotting
  • As a stopgap for bots, make them stay in the same room as the real player to stop them from jumping out of windows or going out of doors to direct MG fire

Just wanna point out the M2 does 9 damage per shot.

edit: they nerfed the damage output to be the same as the M3.

Yep, I hadn’t noticed that when writing. Seems kinda questionable

And it will get +20% damage, +15% rate of fire, -10% reload time, -20% shot deviation and -10% recoil as it will be maxed out right away as wel… So that’s 10.8 damage at ~500-580RPM, with equal recoil compared to the other SMGs.

edit: they nerfed the damage output to be the same as the M3.

They really need to nerf that to similar stats to the M3

Yes, M3 does 6.8 damage compared to 5.7 on the german SMGs, which is a 20% damage increase, for its ~ 5% fire rate decrease, which should allow the M3 to down in 2 hits, while the MPs kill in 3 hits without downing, if all shots land on torso.


Hi, what are plans for account wipes when OBT comes? It would be great to know what happens to our soldiers and gear, when OBT hits shortly. As it is now, there is little point in leveling your soldiers/stuff, because of likely wipe soon.

Told that to Tarkov devs=D

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This is why I don’t like the rumor that OBT is about to drop. It just discourages players from progressing in CBT and it probably isn’t true.

There’s a meaning. There is still time before the OBT.

The wipe is likely. It will not affect your purchases.

Okay after some more paytime, I feel like the AI soldiers still do not take range and partial cover into account properly. I died a lot by AI soldiers turning around 180 degrees and instakilling me from ~50-100m after shooting their arm, or nearly missing them, or just by popping up my head for a second, out of cover. This was most appearant on D-Day, where the map is very open and the likelyhood of getting seen by AI soldiers is very high, which leads to getting sniped a lot.

However, at very short distance, they still behave very sliggishly.


I’ve had the opposite so far, I’ve only died to actual players it seems.
Requires more testing to be sure, but I have noticed a 100% drop in AI snapshots on my end.

I’m just posting my experience in the three matches I’ve played thus far. It’s not an attempt to say you’re wrong since experiences vary.

Sure, there are a lot of players, and you die to players a lot, but there was still a pretty significant ammount of time where I was sniping and I knew the enemy didnt know where I was, but I randomly get sniped only 0.5sec after popping out, this mainly happened when mounting roof-mounted MGs on D-Day.

So I did an experiment.
As long as I poke out for less than a second, I could continuously just drop back down, pop back up, and keep shooting. When I stayed out for more than a second, I would get sniped.

Are you mad? Last thing we need is another SMG squad.

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Goodbye action bolts, goodbye variety… embrace Wolfenstein monkey level of gameplay. People with level 21 will powercreep matches into oblivion.