Fast answer please: How do i spawn buildings from other campaigns?

As the title says. Please tell me if you know

use the rendlnst in the entities.

then place the game_rendinst ,

select it, open it’s properties,

down in the ri_extra_name, select it

and type keywords.

so you pretty much have to guess it.

one effective way that i suggest you in order to get the names,

go in the map that you want, and place a scenary remover on top of the building or near.

select it and open it with the property panel, hit the " scan " square,

select the scenary_remover_scanned,

and from there you will be able to see their exact name.

or, the other way to find them ( but less intuitive and… time consuming as well, ) try to use the keywords of the campaign. ( in the first method of guessing names )

most likely you will find all the assets used for that specific campaign.

:warning: Once you selected the wanted object or building, before doing anything ( for example scale it, move it, rotate it, etc ) SELECT Accept on the bottom menu. otherwise it will return to it’s " original form " ( a sandbag ) :warning:


Wow youre a hero :slight_smile: Thanks

Use game_redinst_decor as the regular one is bugged