Failed to make the map of Reichstagsgebäude because of air walls

Reichstagsgebäude’s model in Berlin is too rough. There are many air walls inside, and the troops can’t move on after entering the outer layer! This made me abandon my plan to make the internal battle of Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin. It might have been more interesting than the Fuehrer’s bunker!

This door is inaccessible. Even though I have removed the blocking bricks!(FIRST picture)


Yes, that’s exactly why noone made the reichstag assault yet.


OH! You made the map of Fuehrer’s bunker? I think your skills are very good. I need to learn from you. How did you get the design of the bunker? Now I try to add some fortifications (such as Moltke Brucke) to the original map of Berlin, and have completed a little.
The original fortifications are too rare and unreal (I know they are also for the balance of the game). Then I want to make a film to restore the process of Soviet soldiers attacking the Berlin center.
Maybe you can give us some technical help? Thank you very much if you can help lol.
(My English isn’t good)


I asked some guys on 4chan for the plan of this bunker, and so I got it.

Probably I can, but don’t expect too much. None of us know everything about features of this editor.


Nice work btw, I really like how it looks.

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That’s OK, a little help is enough. Thanks :laughing:

Very cool, but I’d say not to use too much time on making it and just wait for the devs to make it themselves.


I know that, I just want to try a little :rofl:


You can try use game_rendlst and build Reichstag.
But yeah… It will be pain.
And… Will be problems with map.


I thought of this method, but to be honest… The workload is too heavy