Failed to create the room: SERVER_ERROR_GENERIC

First thing I noticed today was the custom battles so I tried to create a room. However the error message in title appeared whenever I tried to create a game.


Can confirm this

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It is recommended to restart the game, I can create a room after restarting

huh, thanks, pal

UPD: It didnt help

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That doesn’t do anything for me.

Can’t create too, same error
Restart didn’t help

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Same issue. I can join someone’s game but can’t create a game myself


Yeah, I could join someone else’s games but it was mostly circus matches with terribly mixed armies, I just want to set up a normal lone fighters match.

Just replying to confirm this happens to me as well. Tried Restarting, verifying files, etc. Nothing works.

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Didnt take them long to destroy that did it?

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I think its making fun of your tastes in campaign maps and factions

Same “server error generic” issue, restart didn’t help, joining other matches possible.

I tired uninstalling, still didn’t work.

Okay, can someone else try reducing bot count from 50 (lone Wolf) to 20 and creating a room? I think it worked with me after I did that and clicked “Create Room” a couple of times after seeing failures.

I was having the same problem until I realized the bot count was higher than the player count, so I set them to be the same and fixed it.


Just want a single-player mode with 128 bots tbh.

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I had it set to 50 players and 50 bot count and it still didn’t work. Tried to reduce the bot count to 20 just to check and it let me create the room but now I can’t set the bot count back to 50. Have to reinstall the game now just to see if the setting will go back to default. 10v10 in lone fighters would be empty as hell.

128 would be great but I’d want some of those to be actual players.

Lone fighter should be a PvE mode

Same message, same problem and again waiting for the fixes.