【Extended map】Real Berlin(Alpha Test)

From lehrter Bahnhof to Reichstag, the super large battle of Berlin! The original map is too simplified. The real battle of Berlin will have infinite fortifications and vehicles!
The Soviet attack will be difficult… But their manpower consumption has also been reduced.
At present, the completion degree of the map is more than 50%, and the strategic point logic has been completed (there may be some bugs!), The completion of fortifications is also more than 50% (the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th,9th and 10th strategic points have been basically completed)
LONE FIGHTERS:https://enlisted-sandbox.gaijin.net/post/MG1CPhnS0ZQh3DvL/



There seems to be a problem that too many effects lead to some not showing, but this is not a big problem. The map is nearly 750kb in size, which makes me very nervous. Can it start normally? If I continue to make the map bigger, will the server make mistakes? :sweat_smile:

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:cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

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If you play lone fighters with 25\25 players – it’s luggy as fuck. I wonder how laggy is squad mode.

Bro, you need to optimise this one


Looks really cool! Good job

Hope DF could introduce these large scale modes and maps to official MM as longer matches and as separate options to chose to MM


I think the fault is OP added to many object in the maps and berlin is already havy normally, so now is a lagfest


Okay. I’ll try

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The famous “strange war”

Can you turn it into gif? I can’t watch that :sweat_smile:because of network

Lag? Connection lag or…?

Not connection, in-match already

I mean server lags*
I dunno. It was fine for me yesterday.
I joined when there were +40 players.

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I seldom meet that. I guess the lag has nothing to do with the mod, but depends to your network :wink:

What will you think if I add a large number of Soviet bombers and air defense alarms to this map to simulate the real scene in the future? (bombers will only bomb places outside the combat area, which is for balance)

:rofl: :laughing: