Explosives Necessary Nerfing so we can get AI using then

what I’m want to tell, is that if even Enlisted go to a new standard in terms of explosives we need to keep in mind it will be very complex to do so in terns of AI and gameplay, because of that I am suggesting something more complex, and here we go. remember this topic is,t only about the throw grenade order or place mine order, but the necessary nerfs needed to both of then work properly

1 Mine section

1.1 Increase Cooldown to be places
1.2 Individual Mine placement
1.3 Soldier Restrictions.

2 Grenade Section
2.1 No more Grenade Pouches
2.2 Movement nerfing

3 Counter Equipment
3.1 Helmets
3.2 Disarming Tools.

------------------------------------------------Mine Section 1-----------------------------------------

1.3 Mines are very little used and quite expressive and late in game antiscion. To allow players to do not turn this feature into a OP thing, we must keep in mind that place mine should take 8 seconds, a perk can be added to engineers at the cost of 4 points in weapon haggling that will decrease by 75%, working exactly the same way that a medkit perk.

1.2 The second point is obvious is to open de K menu and send soldiers to place the mines around by pressing M while selecting the squad member, in 12 seconds will be a mine field that can actually take down a tank, or fortify a building in case of anti personal one. This cooldown will guarantied mines to be not deployed in a fire fight engagements giving some nerfing

1.3 I do not believe it will be necessary to only engineers carry mines, even if the carry more mines and have perks that allow then to place mines more quickly, what a suggesting is that the player have the option of switch the mine slot for a Smoke grenade. Also to get out the grenade pouches that allow you to carry more grenades. So it will be ONE grenade and ONE mine or ONE Smoke grenade per soldier. Considering that later in this topic we will talk about grenade throw order, each soldier having only one grenade is a necessary nerfing.

------------------------------------------Grenade Section 2 --------------------------------------------

2.1 If we are talking about Press K, and G to send a bot to throw a grenade, we obvious don’t want grenade spawn. So remember the academy? Remember the disable parts? Yes, they where features and where out for good reasons, receiving the silver cards back will do nice has well. I at least prefer to order my soldiers to throw for me that have 3 grenades per soldier.

2.2 Soldiers that receive the throw grenade order will select the grenade and run without the weapons in hand. For two reasons, they will show the grenade in order to players see it and shoot hen, and will not fire the main gun. That is considering nerfing that will allow the grenade throw order to be less OP.

-------------------------------------------Counter equipment’s ----------------------------------------

3.1 Helmet, WWII helmets where used to counter explosive shocks allowing soldiers to better survive explosives that where common in WWII, they also slightly protected soldiers from headshots by ricocheting bullets, this has a rare thing to actually work has most times the bullet would penetrated the soldier head.

35 % Percent less damage from splash damage of explosives from 50 % of the splash area, if you soldier is away enough it will protect it from the shockwave. Never ask a helmet to defend you from a grenade in your feet. Also will give 2 % chance of withstanding a headshot, making you HP down 95%. Even a protected shoot in head is,t that nice to a soldier.

Helmets Cost 2 bronze cards. And are available soon, it might help your troops serving more against grenades.

Also. The Head slot, can be equipped whit other Hats, that might be fun or usefull, that I leave to the DEV,s since a mirage of toys and tools can come from that.

3.2 Disarming and Detection tools will be interesting in the Gadget slot. Like a Mine detector and a disarming tool. By pressing J you will disarm a mine, but whit disarming tool you will disarm it twice quickly, a mine detector will be useful if when you use it allow somehow to expose easer the mines, like in BF1942 engineer skill that show mines are close when you move close to it.

those equipment will be 2 silver cards each one. if it is separated or together is DEV,s Business.



same option should be used to lay mine fields.

having to swap soldiers to lay mines over and over gets boring pretty fast.

it,s part of the sugestion has well. i guess i dint, forguet it. but check if it,s missing in the post.

oh yeah how the fk i missed that.

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AI need to use grenades because in bot matches the AI are helpless against tanks and get slaughtered

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One day or another the DEV,s will need to make AI use explosives, the topic is about the necessary nerfings to have then using whitout be OP.

anyway thacks for reading.