Experience earned Nerfed?

since some days ago, I notticed I win less experience every match.
I have a premium squad and premium account. Some days ago, I was able to earn 14-22k experience each battle. Suddenly I’m earning 4-8k experience.

Maybe experience gained is nerfed? anyone nottice it too?

(sorry for my English, is not my lenguage)

Yes they started lowering the multipliers so more people buy squad levels campaign levels etc.
Its Gaijin its their nature to turn all their absolutely good games into shitfests. No dont come at me with the “they are just publishing it bullshit”. So yes be happy that you can get 8k exp soon you will only get 200 on a 200 kill round.


:scream: did they said something in patch notes? I didn’t see anything

Ofc not. They wont tell you but see this post i made on reddit a day ago.


I really haven’t noticed any change at all, if I’m not getting awards or winning, I get pretty low xp, but with all the bots around or trash tier players they’re easy to get. The screenshot above the guy didn’t even win and is expecting super high experience, but that’s the same as it’s been for a long time. You lose you miss out on a 1.5x exp boost, which is pretty huge. Play for the win, and you’ll get heaps of exp, the guy above didn’t even build a spawnpoint, so clearly not a team player.


Its pretty strange that tankers that get 5 assist for every actual kill they made are complaining their exp is nerfed but people who build rallys, capture and defend points and play game to win havent noticed any difference…

Yeah, the whole get 4 assists for every kill your tank makes is ridiculous anyway, it’s clearly a broken mechanic and it was the easiest way to get mass exp, if they nerfed that then good riddance to shit mechanics.

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will take a look some days to see if really is a nerf or what is happening. Now I doubt because almost anyone nottice changes. maybe it’s me having bad results

I usually played as infantry. Is true, some weeks ago I’m playing more tank and planes. Maybe will play some days full infantry to take a look

I can confirm that playing tanks (and planes) brings on average more score than playing infantry.

Also, I HEARD (confirmation required) that rewards per squad in a single match could be soft-capped (earning less if you play too much the same squad). But again, this needs proof.

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You get bonus exp for being the best for each class, so if one of your gunners was the best gunner in the game you get a bonus to your total exp, and you can get a maximum of 1.5x bonus from these awards, you get a 20% increase for each of these you win. If you win you get a 1.5x bonus. These are shared between both teams.

So in the screenshot above the player would have gotten two ‘best’ of a class, and not won. That’s why the multiplier is so low for them.

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It depends on the amound of Crew you have in a tank if you only have 2 its 2 assists.

Right now its that way so all tank crew level up not just the gunner.

Im pretty sure i saw on there discord there trying to find a better way of getting xp for all the crew men.

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judging by how dumb the development has gotten I’d say Gaijin has more influence than any of us anticipated.

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I was under the impression that this was a Gaijin developed game at first going into it. It would of been the correct and most reasonable assumption to have that Gaijin has a large and thorough influence on this game and its development.

It’s published by Gaijin, developed by Darkflow

My guess is they’ve thrown out the War Thunder tactic of releasing over powered premiums then pulling them from the store and or nerfing them into the ground.

Instead they want you to buy campaign levels which is far more expensive.

2 squads used only, (1 panther G then panther A squad.), premium time. 10k ingame experience gave me this… i wouldnt say its bad but i was expecting more.
but was a nice match to be honest. for 10 enemy tankers down, i would expect more.

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Defense of the Faterland right?


There was patch yesterday without any patch notes… possibly related?

yeah :smiley: finnaly finish this “pre” release 15 campaign levels.

having alot of fun. i m considering maxing out moscow campaign now. as normandy its already done.
and would be way more easy to get good toys down the line if we already have the campaigns at a good pace.

on topic: i m kinda noticing same XP overall. even tho on high XP matches i get less top XP… kinda hard to know why. must investigate a litle more.

I got this from 2 weeks ago. Similar points and similar xp. Dont have the other page im affraid. I felt xp went down as well but seems not to be from last 2 weeks.