Experience Bugged

In several matches now, my experience gains are bugged. I gather an amount of base experience in-battle, but when the match ends the actual base gains are always smaller, sometimes significantly. Here are some examples:

-2000 base experience, which is made all the more frustrating because I had an exp card.

here I gained almost 50% less experience in the end.

another half-wasted exp card.

This is extremely infuriating, considering all the effort it takes to level up in this game. And, seeing that I’m not getting as much experience as I would normally, I have little motivation to continue playing the game until this gets fixed. I wanted to, but if I’m going to have to work extra hard to level up and gain exp, then I would rather not play. Fix this! And, if you want to be cool, award some 100.000 exp to compensate me for my losses.

the points are not related to the xp gained


even if that’s the case, they should clear things up and give more precise info to avoid the demotivational effects I mentioned from when I saw this.

Also, even completley ignoring all of this, I’m almost sure my exp gains from the Moscow and Normandy Axis factions are bugged. Winning matches - all of them with 100+ kills on 1st place and with 1.5 bonus from medals -I’m averaging just 7-8k total experience (without premium activated), where normally it would be 15k (which is what I’m currently getting from playing other factions/campaigns).

It is surely starting to bother me.

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