Expanded Berlin (Beta test)

**More details in Extended Berlin map (Beta test)! **

Do you think the current map of Berlin is too monotonous ?
Were you overwhelmed by the Soviet army because of too few fortifications while defending the house or bridge? Do you want to use a huge number of Soviet tanks to bombard annoying buildings? Do you want to enjoy the more detailed and artistic leherter station in Berlin?

Then come and try!
Now this map is basicly complete, you can fight through all ten strategic points! Countless machine gun fortifications, tanks, anti tank guns, Fixed AA and AA trucks, motorcycles ,sandbags and anti tank hedgehogs are waiting for you!

(Easter Eggs in Game: Can you find something that fires 152mm grenades? Or an alien German rifle?)

From the Lehrter station, continuing to attack violently until surrounding the German troops in Reichstag and won the victory!

Delay the Soviet army until their manpower is exhausted, so you can live a few more days. Remember to use fortifications! They are very powerful.

LF: https://sandbox.enlisted.net/post/SwBmKZ8MZCmcQRFY/

Expect suggestions! I will try my best to realize them :wink:
Thank you all, especially to the players who tested this mission, thank you for your participation and suggestions! Of course, there are still some balance problems in this map. Thank you very much! :grinning:

THANKS @9331497 He gave me a lot of advice!
(His mod: New Game Mode:Big Action - Battle of Volokolamsk( - Alpha Test)2022.7.10)

OLD version:

I will post some screenshots below!

Other information: My friends and I tried to use this map to shoot a mini movie.
Take a look at our simulated Berlin Flak Tower shooting scene: :laughing:

Low definition GIF:
Enlisted 2022-07-02 23-44-37 00_00_00-00_00_30 640i




It probably runs on this FPS on some computers, the map looks good but it seems like it needs optimization.


YES. That’s really a problem.
There are many light effects, which may cause FPS decline by about 20% than the original map near some complex scenes.

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WILL ADD more restrooms! :wink:
Thanks very much :laughing:

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I am absolutely in love with this map. I really think everyone should try it, its great…

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Thank you for your support.

A little suggestion: if you didn’t joke about my country, I might be happier :cold_sweat:

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Sorry :pensive:

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That’s all right

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Im kidding, yes

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