Every single campaign is spammed by snipers

Sniper must be a position only for highly-trained users.
But dev gives it as a basic squad, they’ve made every single campaign as a sniper field.
And also, sniping is quite easy
More than half of troops are snipers in one single match, who the hell think this is realistic?
This is not only a really annoying problem, but also this is ruining the game.


I personally don’t have a problem with sniping. Also I’m not a fan of restricting classes because it could lead to some players just being hogs with the class if we only had X amount of snipers. I really like the sandbox chaos of this game

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yeh, your personally.

Can always play Axis on normany Alies love to spam bombs and rocks :rofl:

Just snipe back. Iron sights or not.

That’s okay, Those are limited.

What snipers? All I see are tanks, arty, AA guns, DP and PPSh.


Stalingrad you have always 1 camper player in every battle, indipendentaly he use sniper or AA gun

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One is not a big deal.


Snipers need to be weakened

Add reflective effect to sniper lens

Snipers are a basic squad because they’re a basic counter to soft targets.
They’re not effective at pushing a point but if someone’s being a problem with an MG, emplacement, mortar, or etc, the sniper is the answer.

I’ve seen that done in other games, but I’m not sure it’s necessary here. Like I said, they aren’t that effective.

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I just want to add a hint to let ordinary players know that snipers are aiming at themselves. Because the frustration of being killed by a sniper halfway is very strong

And this does not affect the performance of sniper players, who can still complete their own work

I dont know why ther complanning its not like they got a ton of ammo any how…

Of course, they are not that effective at pushing obj, but they are so annoying and too many to both team.

I’ve found they’re only common in the early stages of campaigns when everyone is low level.
They used to be overused a lot in Moscow as well but not anymore.

but they still snipe at long range with other guns.
they don’t play for objective.
they are playing a totally different game

Then sniper rifles aren’t the problem

Oh just take the Scopes off the Sniper StGs in Berlin, add an assaulter and engineer to the squad, give them a Kar98k Scoped as secondary and you have almost perfect assault squad given the StGs higher RoF.

Not that I’ve done that or anything…

Not really related to the OP’s complaints

I dont knows wy people attack every time sniper rifle for camping, a guy wo sit back spamming artillery is far worst, because if is a shit to use her is practically worse than a bot, at lest sniper rifle need you fire at enemy

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