Event leadearboard still bugged

  1. The leadearboad is still not updating regularly for some players, worked fine at first and now it’s stuck

  2. Event percentile is not available.
    At least let us know how many people played the event so we can calculate ourselves, instead of annoucing the numbers after it ends and it’s already too late

Got a Friend with 1 Match Which was Place 3500. Nowhe is 1300 with 4 Matches.
Bad xD i have make 5 Matches and be 521. Not so many Players i Guess

Well there is also desertion penalty which could be reason some of stats are bugged.
When Your score is negative it doesn’t even show Your rank, maybe they had simple check for score to be above 0 to count players as participating in event and didn’t expect people with -1000 score, maybe something else.

I guess there is like half the players of last event at least, and same distribution where 50% played like 1-3 games.

Still bummed that i have to reload game to refresh my position.