Event gun not red?

I got the event pps 42 and it’s not red like it’s supposed to be…

to be fixed “soon”, aka don’t expect it in the near future


i reported the issue 3 days ago.

they responded : soon™


Shit 2 fuck ups in the same minor event.
Glad I went for the sabres instead.

Hi, pps-42 “red” is now red!
But if you playing on xbox, you need to wait a bit longer :с


Seeing soon™ makes me laugh because I remember one game the devs said “soon” and that soon was literally 6 months. They seriously need to stop fucking saying soon, it means absolutely nothing.

Game changer for me. I will take the sabres and not the gun.

sabers : make you mive faster, are cool, in a future update the Will get longer mele range

pps42 Is Red : the player base

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If you think a 6 months long “soon” is too much

Wait until you meet the real Mr. Soon™, boy.

You have no idea.

You talking About me hahaha