Even Fight Event: Going Through the War

This is entertainment on a different level. Big promotions still bring big prizes (Operation Silent Hunter). There are small promotions. in which you win mostly silver/bronze. And there are gameplay events that are held in an unusual gameplay for the purpose of entertainment, and not distribution of prizes.

That is, the prizes in them are not the most valuable and they give more unusual game experience.


I still strongly believe some prizes should be not consumables but historical soldier/weapon/vehicle skins and other cosmetics which you can see during the game and which will remind you of the event.

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i dont see any incentive to play this… time limited avatars arent worth the effort (perma one may be worth some effort, but still…), few boosters that will be wasted cause you will get conquest or just shitty team, silver orders that i already have enough and time limited name decorators.


Thank you,

Hopefully they can understand that as an assaulter weapon it is pretty much pointless because of ROF, Damage, Ect.
As a Rifleman weapon it is a good option to intermix with the FG42 and G43 for Berlin.

Thank you for the response, this will help the newer players among us, so happy either way as I do remember you had things in mind ages ago when the in-game economy was changed.

We ourselves are happy to run such promotions, but for this we need customization available in all campaigns. As soon as it appears - get ready for cool prizes.


There are more prizes than you see in the announcement. You will see them in the event window in the game. In one hour.

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I think they can)


Cant wait anymore. The dev is what keeps me playing.



cant even respawn due to server lag. Pooh.
many people run away in the middle of fight, people continue fighting cant obtain any score.


Well i dont want be an heater so take my words for someone wo even now dont understand wy? Wy the put a semi-auto in assaulter hand in first place

I know from the CBT or CAT of Berlin vg1-5 was used by trooper,enginer ecc… not by assaulter

So wy this change? And i doubt this semi-auto gun can counter the ppd40, like the beretta (20rd) aganaist the ppsh41 in moscow but this one is another not happy story…


dont see any additional rewards. just boosters, silver orders and temporary portrait/name decorators.


Another buggy event, in my second match and all I can do is watch from the sky as that’s where I’m stuck.


If you want to assume “even”, don’t let the Germans in Normandy have MP43s and FG42s.
What are you thinking? In an instant, the Allies broke off and became the Ruins Walking Simulator 1944.


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Idk what you guys always have with those time-limited profil pics. Its like you want us not playing the events.


There is hope guys!!!

Vg 1-5 will rise again!

Vg is love
Vg is life

Vegetal 1-5 power!!!


Make Vg1. 5 avaiable on the same soldiers as M1 carbine!
I will swap every fucking fg42 II for vegetal1-5 in a heartbeat. I m just tired of fg42 bullshit over and over.

Less powerfull than a fg, but 500 times more fun

Vg1.5 :heart: .


Event now inactive in the uk on PS5 an hour and a half short of a full session. So buggy I’m not surprised they have cut short the first session.

Event rewards not really worth participating in.