Enlisted weapons: Kiss, Marry, Kill

In other words, which of the weapons you consider worth equipping and upgrading and which can be skipped?

E.g. I have recently unlocked PPD-40 in both Moscow and Berlin but equipping all my assaulters with them and upgrading them will probably take too much silver and bronze before I can have the end game PPSh-41 drum already.
Thnking of skipping in all together.

Similarly, I was slowly but surely upgrading my SVTs and G41s/43s but now I have unlocked AVS, ZH and FG, but there are also AVT/FG-42-2 on the horizon, so maybe investing in all of these now isn’t the best choice.

Which weapons do you believe benefit the most from upgrading them and which can be skipped?

PS one of my pro tips is investing in “longevity” weapons like MP-40 which, depending on your campaigns sequence, can serve you in every campaign via transfers and their full upgrade will be the best bang for buck.

All weapons need to be used at least one time this is the best way for see if a weapons is good for you or skippable, dont trust people advise because every one here has a different playstyle


Upgrade weapon, Depends on you if you dont plan stay on a campaign after beated all the level, upgrade tier2/3 weapons wo need grind tier2/3 squad is a huge stressful waste of time even because with all xp needed for grind you unlock the next weapons before upgrade the one actual you have

so this is my advise

If you stay on a campaign like moscow allaies, upgrade and use the tier1 equipment for all the run, and next replace him with the end game tier (obliviusly you need grind)

If you don’t stay on a campaign forget upgrade weapons (maybe only BA if you use them) and play for fun with all weapons you want use

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well, for germany,

you can’t never go wrong with kar 98s, G43s, Mg34s Mannlichers, and Mp43s.

for the USA the m1 garand, and the second grease gun, and perhaps the shotgun. thompsons bars and that lmg are good, no doubt. but those are kinda the end tier.

all the things in between are rubbish for me.
( perhaps it’s because i’m more for the high rate of fire while keeping a good damage. lancasters, stens, bren lacks that )

i don’t know much about russian equipment as the last time i played them, was during the pre-OBT. so things has changed, and i’m trying to keep up with stalingrad since i bought it.

effe tunisia tbh.
i ain’t cutted out for that.

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Well that’s the thing, while I was trying to level up my G43 squad and save up bronze for upgrades, now it’s FG-42 time, but also FG-42-2 is on the horizon.

Guess something needs to be skipped regardless, it seems (in every campaign).

I play all campaigns but I don’t care enough for Normandy/Tunisia to spend resources on upgrades there.
In fact, I was playing without any weapon upgrades at all for the longest time not caring until I got a lot of spare bronze and decided to do something with it.

I still think vehicle upgrades are the No.1 priority as they are more valuable.

Kill, Kill, Kill. Blood makes the grass grow.

I’m not a fan of semis since the rof nerf, but it’s probably just because I’m rather effective with bolties. So more of a personal thing.
Exept the m1 carbine. I learn to use it well and the thing shreds (I’m not joking, did they buff recoil to make it better?)

The one type of weapon that annoys me a bit is a tough choice… the mp43.
The mp43 is a very, very good weapon and normally I’d jump to grab it and max them.

But the next unlock will probably be the iconic stg44 with very slightly better stats…

I have plenty of silver so I’ve of course bough as many mp43 as I needed. But bronze economy sucks, since devs never upgraded it after the weapon “shop” update… So I don’t waste bronze on those. Would be too sad to switch to a just very slightly better version after wasting such a huge amount of hard earned bronze.

But that’s just me. Mp43 is good, so good perhaps that st44 won’t make a huge difference if you max them, and you wouldn’t need to switch.

First of all, do NOT trust just ONE weapon to spend all your silver and bronze on. You never know, one day it could be nerfed to hell and you’d be sitting on a pile of trash, your savings wasted.

My advice is to “diversify your portfolio”. Want to invest on endgame guns? Fine, but just max out SOME per kind.

The only time a total army upgrade is advisable is in Normandy and Berlin, switching to semiautos as your basic rifleman weapon ASAP.

Other than that, when you unlock something new, try it first, maybe buy 2 or 3, and only after maxing those out decide if they’re worth a large-scale upgrade.

actually PPD-40 is better than PPSH-41drum(more accurate ),so you can just use PPD-40 before you get Fedrov
for things like SVT,G41/43,AVS,FG,buy but dont upgrade them(if you have VIP&game pass silver wont be a problem but not bronze)

well I would most definitely skip the PPD-40 in Berlin because the PPSH (stick) is still more accurate and shoots faster than it. PPD 40 is only better in very narrow spaces where you need that extra ammo.
I suggest equipping only one guy with PPD.

ZH and FG are good guns. The FG is actually quite overpowered so I say use them
As for the AVS, I have mixed feelings about the gun. It’s so uncontrollable in full-auto that nobody uses full auto so there’s no reason to fully equip your soldiers with it. It has 5 more rounds than the SVT but also imo worse sights.
I don’t own the AVT yet but I heard it’s better than the AVS

for riflemen i just go with FG42 II but on semi auto. (i use full auto only in desperate situations), id avoid gewehr 43 since it is terrible at close quarters battles and obviously its nerfed. kar98k can be perfect for close quarters if its maxed out, considering it shoots almost faster than gewehr43 imo whilst dealing 16.1 damage maxed.

for assaulters id use either maxed MP35 or MP43, considering that mp35 deals 7.2 damage maxed, and mp43 is overall the option to choose later on. basically mp35 is a early unlock mp43.

for machine gunners its not even a question, always go for either MG34 or patronentrommel 34. avoid the MG42 as its just terrible, long reload, terrible dispersion, and you waste ammo quickly whilst hitting nothing.

also, equipping all your soldiers with either lugers of P38 is a must. once you run out of ammo, you can still go around and score kills with that 5.5 damage pistol. id not get the C96 since for slightly lower damage its not worth it imo. price for it should be lower.

im all about the damage, so imo choose to upgrade boltaction rifles, and guns that shoot rifle cartridges at full auto (fg42/II, AVS/AVT). also id prioritize upgrading assault rifles over SMG’s since they’re more useful.

i generally speaking dont do transfers since there’s no point, i play only 1 campaign, and thats berlin.