Enlisted server reliability is trash

I thought it was always just my network but i looked at a youtuber who recorded his footage on YouTube, and he had the yellow network symbol at top right of his screen, so yeah the enlisted servers are just trash.


From my experience in (central/west) Europe server, it is quite frequent to get server lag even my ping is usually under 30ms.

Once I recorded server load average above 500%, max server load near 800%, and minimum above 400%. It feels about 2 second lag for any operation such as fire and reloading, and characters are moving in a very unpredictable way such as flying or teleport. No DDoS attack is confirmed on that day.

It is not unusual, I have experienced it 4 times last year even I do not play very frequently.

Today servers were lagging and losing packets all the time. It was never as bad as today.

Yes, the server overload these days has been unacceptable, my average latency in China is 120-190ms, but I often can’t fire my gun due to server overload

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