Enlisted Campaign progression need an overhaul

Me and my friends have been playing Enlisted since it launched into OBT, but none of them want to anymore because of how brutal the grind gets past level 7 or 8. The game actively punishes you for getting further and further into campaigns, & even with premium it gets so difficult for the average player that it turns them off. I can of course only speak from my experience and from the experience of the people I know, but I think a lot of people probably feel the same way, especially if they want to play a game that respects their time. I get it’s a marketing strategy to get your hooks into the player early in and then ramping them up later on, but I am arguing that the ramp gets too steep too quick and that there are not enough ways for players to get XP right now to compensate, especially infantry players.

  1. More dolled out XP for doing stuff on the battlefield for infantry

    I’m a decent player, but I don’t play air or armor which means that my XP gain is already severely limited. This is my first point, infantry needs to get more rewards for doing there jobs to bridge the gap between tankers and plane players. We shouldn’t be getting punished for playing a specific role. Here are some things infantry should get rewarded for or rewarded for more imo.

  • XP for Dismantling Enemy Equipment

  • Increased XP gain for capturing objectives

  • Gradual XP gain for capping a point (i.e. you gain XP while you’re sitting on an uncapped point that is in the process of being captured).

  • Extra XP for kills gotten while being on a capture point

  • XP for building friendly defences for Engineers

  • Increased XP for kills in Lone Fighter (it’s definitely harder than Squads to get kills)

  1. Campaign Ramp problems
    So there’s 2,164,100 XP to grind through on Allies for Normandy, and from the looks of the other campaigns, that’s about the same for each faction in each one. Now again, not claiming to be the best player here, but I crank out about 5000-8000 XP total at the end of most squads invasion games that I win with maybe one battle achievement and a win modifier (Way less on domination, but to keep it simple I’m using the best case scenario for me). Invasion usually lasts about 45 minutes. 1.3333 x 45 is about an hour, and if I use that same value on the average XP gain (6000 XP) I get about 7,999 XP per hour. I know this isn’t exact, but we’re trying to get an idea of how long it will take me, on average, to get through a single faction on a single campaign in best case scenarios. If I divide the total XP in the campaign by that value, it would mean that it would take me about 270 hours to complete 1 faction in 1 campaign with no premium. Of course, if I had premium, this would theoretically bring it down to about 135. This is of course a perfect scenario for an average player who somehow miraculously only rolls invasion (another topic for another day). Tell me in the comments if my math is off, but I think I’m correct here.

    This is probably one of the most brutal grinds I have seen in a free to play and I really think it’s way too much. I get it, you have to make money, but goodwill is a big factor for average players to shell out cash, and this whole system really leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Not to mention that the game is pumped full of all kinds of other micro transactions on all sides, did you really need to do us dirty with this to make good margin? Campaign levels at the end of the tree can go up as high as 180,000 XP per level. These levels alone, if my math is correct, would take me upwards of 22 hours to complete per level without premium, and 11 with it, for a single campaign level. Again, these are averages of the best case scenarios that are honestly, kind of impossible anyways.

A more realistic estimate with all things considered is probably in the realm of 300 - 370 hours without premium. That is, without knowing the frequency of certain modes in rotation, the variance of being able to get a win + battle task achievements every game.

I really do want to recommend the game to people for the authenticity & gunplay alone, but I just can’t see myself or any reasonable person who either has other things in their life to take care of or even just people who play other games getting into. Hopefully the devs will listen to this and have a change of heart. I know I criticize the game a lot, but I do actually care about it, so hopefully this can help the devs change progression in constructive ways.



This is especially true as each time a new campaign is released you have to begin all over again. Starting from scratch feels especially frustrating and demoralising when you are up against high level players.

All of your suggestions are excellent, the only thing I would add is including time limited boosters, 24 hour, 5 day, etc.

Which people could activate when they know they’ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to the game. Plus it would be more of an incentive to play with friends, when you can all use boosters together.


Yeah this is a good idea as well, I might even add that you could get a booster as a daily login bonus or maybe once or twice during the battle pass.

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